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Spectrio Acquires Phone On Hold Marketing Systems

In an effort to continue at the forefront of customer experience, Phone On Hold has created a strategic partnership and re-branding initiative with Spectrio to meet the ongoing needs of our present and future clients. Phone On Hold and Spectrio now expand our footprint from east coast to west coast with headquarters in Tampa Bay, FL while maintaining the Los Angeles area presence.

What This Means To You

Through this new strategic partnership, we will be creating a strong infusion of marketing muscle bringing the ability to deliver robust digital signage, overhead music, business phone greetings, cloud-based VoIP phone service for small business, and of course, our On-Hold Messaging solutions. Joining the existing Phone On Hold staff will be expanded voice artist, customer care, creative, and technical support teams.

Spectrio Update Manager (SUM)

The Phone On Hold script editor has been replaced with the Spectrio Update Manager (SUM), making it easier than ever to collaborate with our creative team. Contact us to schedule your one-on-one training for the easy to use SUM application.

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