When automotive digital signage is added to your shop’s waiting room, it uplifts the store’s atmosphere and creates a better experience for everyone from your customers to your staff. In this blog, we’ll take a detailed look at how these screens can enhance your business.

Automotive Digital Signage Educates Customers

It’s no secret that customers are often skeptical when they enter an auto shop. The average auto customer is not an expert on vehicles and maintenance, and this lack of knowledge can make them feel nervous and tense during their service or purchase process.

When customers are suspicious and dubious, it’s uncomfortable for them and the staff. The customer is constantly questioning each decision, and the employee becomes responsible for calming their fears. But automotive digital signage can alleviate this stress.

Digital screens can educate customers so they feel more confident during their sales or service experience.

  • Explains service processes. Customers often don’t want to purchase or approve a service because they don’t understand what it is or why they need it. This can be problematic because their reservations can hold them back from getting a service they need. Using digital signage, you can help them overcome this by using content to explain the process and how it will improve or fix their vehicle.
  • Lays an educational foundation for the future. Digital signage videos also present you with an opportunity to educate customers about future needs. While customers are waiting, you can show them videos that explain regular auto maintenance best practices, so they understand the value of receiving future services. (Schedule a free consultationto learn how you can tap into Spectrio’s library of 100’s of automotive-themed videos.)
  • Increases confidence with your shop’s service. Another way to appease skeptical customers is to show them what they can expect from your services. You can use automotive digital signage to showcase before-and-after photos, testimonials, and customers reviews that show off the quality of your work and performance.

The Screens Work To Make Happier, More Engaged Customers

An uncomfortable waiting room filled with disgruntled customers who feel like they have been waiting forever isn’t good for anyone. Customers become upset which in turn, makes your staff’s job more difficult when they have to deal with unhappy customers.

This can lead to visibly irritated customers, bad reviews, stressed employees, and lower customer retention. But, automotive digital signage can prevent this negative situation from occurring.

When digital signage is added to a waiting room, it can drastically improve the environment and customer attitudes and experiences.  

  • Decreases the feeling of a long wait. When digital signage is present, it decreases perceived wait time and can make a customer’s wait can feel up to 33% shorter–so a 30-minute wait feels more like a 20-minute wait. While you may not always be able to prevent your customers from waiting, you can use entertaining digital signage to make that wait more comfortable.
  • Prevents the airing of unsavory or contentious programming. Through the use of private label TV, you can control the content that airs on your automotive digital signage. You choose the programming and segments and avoid presenting content that could be uncomfortable or irritating to waiting customers.
  • Displays the type of content your audience wants to see. Another benefit of controlling the content on your digital screen is that you can select the specific shows and programming your target customer wants to see. (Schedule a free consultation to find out how Spectrio can fill your automotive digital signage with programming from The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, to the Speed Channel, to The Today Show.)

Automotive Digital Signage Boosts Customers’ Impressions

It’s no longer enough to simply perform a service or provide a product for customers. Competition is bigger than ever. If you want to stand out, you need to provide something extra for your customers.

One way to do that in the auto industry is by providing an elevated in-store experience. You can add elements to your customer touch points that differentiate it from what others in your industry offer.

Digital signs create touch points that stand out and improve a customer’s perception about your business.

  • Adds high-end appeal. Your business will feel more sophisticated and deluxe when you display service menus on a beautiful, high-definition screens instead of an old faded print sign. And, your brand will feel established and professional as you display branded frames and content on your waiting room TVs.
  • Allows you to create personalized customer experiences. Customers don’t want to feel as though they are just a number on a spreadsheet. They want to feel like they have a personal connection with a business. Interactive digital signs help you create that experience. You can use screens to collect customer information (while entertaining and engaging your customers) and then use that information to create personalized shopping experiences that cater to individual customer need.
  • Shows that you care about your customer’s experience. If you usher waiting customers into a bare, boring waiting room, the customer will feel as though your business hasn’t taken their experience into consideration. It feels like their experience is barely a concern on your radar. But, when you improve your waiting room and seat customers in a comfortable space that caters to their needs, they will know that you care about all aspects of their experience

Learn More About the Benefits of Automotive Digital Signage

Using automotive digital signage in your waiting room benefits everyone in your shop. It creates happier, more confident customers. And, it helps your staff better manage customers and keep the flow of work moving forward.

But this is just a small look of the benefits that digital signing can bring to your business.

To learn more about how digital screens can help your store save money, trigger upsells and cross-sells, increases the share of a customer’s wallet, and boost your overall revenue, schedule a demo with Spectrio today!