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If you’re thinking about bringing the technology of digital signage to your business or organization but still haven’t pulled the trigger, what’s holding you back? Most likely, it’s a combination of misconceptions about digital signage.

Did you know that digital sigange works to grow your customer base, improve staff communication, reinforce brand recognition, drive sales, increases revenue, and lead to happier, more satisfied customers?

With these benefits, it’s hard to imagine why any business or organization would wait on their plans to use digital signage in their business. However, false assumptions that digital signage is expensive and difficult to manage lead many organizations to miss out on the many upsides of this engaging marketing medium.

We’re here to set the record straight and identify and resolve the top three misconceptions about digital signage.  

top 3 misconceptions about digital signage

Digital Signage Misconception 1: This Technology Is Expensive

Just because digital signage looks high-end and expensive doesn’t mean that it is.

Yes, when you set up digital signage on your own, it can be costly. Searching for the right materials and software, purchasing and installing equipment, and creating content from scratch will likely cost your business time and money.

But when you purchase a package from a digital signage provider that includes equipment, professional installation, expert advice, content creation, and regular maintenance, it’s affordable.

Many business owners think it’s cheaper to set up their system on their own, but that’s just another misconception about digital signage.

Working with a provider is more affordable and much easier. It prevents companies from spending excessive money and time by making big mistakes such as:

  • purchasing the wrong equipment
  • improperly installing the technology
  • creating low-quality content that doesn’t achieve the results possible with professional-grade content

If working with a provider to bring digital signage into you business seems too expensive, consider the costs of not doing it. Account for the extra time and money you will spend trying to do it yourself, and consider the money you are failing to make without this marketing tool.

Relying on a provider to get your sign properly installed and up-and-running with professional quality content in an expedited manner drastically cuts costs and effort. 

Digital Signage Misconception 2: Creating Content Is Labor Intensive

There is no denying that creating content for digital signage can be difficult for some organizations.

Many companies lack the resources and creative team needed to create professional-quality copy, videos, animations, and graphics. Businesses may think they can make do with an unskilled team, but their lack of experience frequently leads to problems.  

When companies try to create content on their own, they often end up making the following mistakes.

  • They create low-quality content that makes their organization and signage look cheap.
  • Users struggle with setting a strategy for creating results-driven content.
  • They fail to regularly update the content so their signs are filled with out-dated information.  
  • Teams get frustrated by working on creative projects that are outside of the scope of their abilities and job descriptions.

Internally creating content on your own can be labor intensive for a business.

However, a well-equipped provider like Spectrio often has a team of professional writers, voice over talent, animators, video editors, and graphic designers who create agency-level, results-driven content. Plus, we have a full library of content that is already created and waiting to be immediately added to a programming line-up.

When organizations work with a digital signage provider, their team won’t struggle with content creation. Instead, the work will be done by a team of professional as content creation is included in the monthly service fee.

Digital Signage Misconception 3: It’s Difficult to Create Fresh Content

As you can see, when a company tries to do it themselves, digital signage can be difficult and expense. Installing equipment and creating content isn’t easy for an inexperienced team — and neither is maintaining that equipment and content.

Setting an editorial calendar, regularly creating new content, and revising old content can be difficult for a business — but not when they work with a professional provider.

With a Spectrio service package, fresh digital content is managed and updated by a dedicated service team so you can set it and forget it. Our professional team sets an editorial calendar, creates new content, and automatically updates your feed so your content is always fresh and relevant.

At Spectrio, we realize the perceptions of the difficulties of installing and managing digital signs can halt organizations from taking the first step toward bringing signage into their organization.

But we also know that these perceptions are inaccurate.

Bringing Digital Signage Into Your Business

Digital signage is actually much more affordable and manageable than most organizations realize.

So, we encourage you to learn more about the real cost and management responsibilities of this beneficial marketing tool before you exclude it from your business plans.

To get a custom quote on what it would cost your organization to bring digital signage to your business, please sign up for a free demo with a Spectrio specialist. We will be happy to review these misconceptions in detail and provide a custom quote on the actual cost and time you will need to invest to get digital signage up and running in your business.