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How to improve employee communications across a manufacturing organization with Enplug

Company safety and productivity are on the line when it comes to employee communications within manufacturing facilities. In fact, manufacturers face significant challenges communicating effectively across corporate headquarters, manufacturing plants, customer service centers and regional sales offices. So we’re excited to share how Southwire, a manufacturer of wire and cable solutions as well as a full portfolio of tools, components and assembled solutions, uses Enplug to deliver relevant, timely information to all its employees.

Software that unifies communications

When Southwire set out to better unify the company’s internal communications, it faced technical and budgetary obstacles. Enplug was instrumental in helping Communications Specialist Nick Cooley and his team revamp the company’s digital signage network.

Enplug has given me the power to build Southwire News Network into a critical lifeline that guides every aspect of our internal communications. Cost-savings and usability alone justify the switch to Enplug, but equally important is how well the platform functions not only in our corporate facilities, but also on our factory floors.

Nick Cooley, Communications Specialist, Southwire

With Enplug at the core of the company’s internal communications platform, Southwire produces professional-quality video content that’s viewed daily throughout the entire organization. Enplug’s platform connects approximately 150 displays (with more coming) providing a single sign-on solution to manage Southwire’s extensive library of content. Cooley maintains all company-wide content, while pre-determined group leaders manage facility-specific content updates.

Get the Enplug & Southwire Industrial Manufacturing Case Study

Download our latest digital signage for industrial manufacturing case study to see how Southwire implemented Enplug and discovered the value of:

  • Informative digital signage on the factory floor
  • Streamlined content management across dozens of facilities
  • Engaging live and curated content like health and safety information, weekly CEO update videos, customers in the news, diversity and inclusivity efforts, employee birthdays and work anniversaries and more

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