outdoor concessions with digital signage at red rocks amphitheater
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Red Rocks Amphitheater used Ping HD to help solve the challenge of managing and maintaining multiple concession menus across the world famous outdoor music venue.

The Challenge

Like most venues of its size, the demand for relevant and updated menu content is often driven by the type of event and those attending it. Red Rocks needed the flexibility to quickly update food menus and pricing to accommodate each of these events. Historically, they had designed static printed boards that were swapped out manually at each cart. However, with the sheer size of the venue, this had proven to be a time-intensive task.

The Solution

To create a more efficient menu management process, 31 Samsung SSP displays, 21 outdoor and 10 indoor were installed on multiple food carts across the venue. Each display was set up to run the award-winning EngagePHD™ digital signage software allowing staff to quickly manage, monitor, and update content from the cloud on any display within their network. It also ensures that all creative content on each display is cached eliminating the possibility of downtime in the event of any network connectivity issues.

Because the food carts are located outdoors, the elements were a concern. To overcome these challenges, Ping HD used Samsung OHF Series all-weather, high bright displays paired with custom-designed Peerless-AV mounts to ensure the displays are well protected and ready to run in all weather situations.

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