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Customer engagement company Spectrio unleashes the power of analytics and AI with the acquisition of venue analytics company InReality


Tampa, Fla. – July 11, 2023 ( – Spectrio, one of the nation’s leading providers of comprehensive digital signage systems, has broadened an already-rich solution stack with the acquisition of InReality and its AI-driven, fully anonymous audience sensing and measurement technology.

Rich, real-time analytics for retail and other environments enables digital signage network operators and brands to fully understand the dynamics of venues and the people moving through them. The insights generated by InReality’s unique, radar-based sensing technology allow retailers and brand marketers to measure and characterize shopper behaviors, and optimize everything from content programming to screen positioning in order to drive store performance.

The strategic acquisition of InReality complements Spectrio’s technology stack, which already includes modern, much-respected digital signage CMS software, overhead music, on-hold messaging, scent marketing and Wi-Fi marketing.

“This acquisition is a game changer for us and for our clients,” said Tamara Bebb, CEO of Spectrio. “We have 30 seconds of your attention. We know what you’re interested in, what’s important to you, and what isn’t. We can use that information to then target the right content towards you. We’re thrilled to have InReality in our corner supporting this journey.”

Bebb noted the acquisition also accelerates and complements Spectrio’s product roadmap, enabling the company to more aggressively pursue its growth strategy. InReality CEO, Ron Levac, will join Spectrio’s leadership team as the Product Expert for Analytics and Intelligence Solutions.

A key benefit for Spectrio’s customers is bringing what is usually third-party analytics capabilities inside a unified, multi-faceted digital signage and on-premise communications solution. Customers using audience analytics can shift from operating on gut-feel to data-driven decision-making that can boost key metrics like conversion ratios.

While most audience analytics solutions analyze video streams that are captured by on-premise cameras, raising privacy concerns, InReality uses fully-anonymous, radar-based sensors that are no bigger than conventional smoke detectors and mount on retail fixtures, walls or even ceilings. The technology senses, captures and tracks the presence of people. In retail, that means a deeper understanding of foot traffic, as well as the ability to define impressions and engagement behaviors based on shopper proximity and dwell time. Metrics generated by InReality are revealed on desktop or mobile dashboards, but can also be flowed via APIs into popular business systems tools such as Microsoft’s Power BI.

Digital signage is currently experiencing steady growth, fueled by new innovations in machine learning, artificial intelligence, and cloud-based technology. The current acquisition comes at a time when the global digital signage industry has become a multi-billion-dollar sector with user companies from the automotive, health, retail, food and beverage, and financial services industries who need advanced digital displays that can enable them to better engage with consumers. That’s exactly what this acquisition will help Spectrio provide.

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