There are plenty of great reasoID-10053339ns to use a digital sign board instead of a static menu board in a restaurant, but it’s all about cost and convenience.

Here’s a scenario to consider: You’re a small business owner of a pizza joint.

The cost of mozzarella just went up and you need to change the pricing on your menu board, so you contact your sign designer. He or she needs all the information that will be changed, and makes the updates to the design. There is a proofing process, then you need to send the file to a printer to create the menu boards. And after the boards are printed, they need to be installed.

Now what happens when you want to run a special? You need to promote it via signage around the store. You’re back to the same design/proofing/printing/installation. The time spent on this process is probably worth more than the extra business you’ll drum up with your special.

What’s so different about using a digital sign board?

  • Content is much easier to update. If Spectrio is your provider, just let us know what changes you need and we can make them on the fly.
  • You can showcase a different menu for different times of the day.
  • There’s only a one-time installation. No climbing ladders, no messing with those little plastic numbers.
  • It looks more professional.
  • You can easily coordinate your specials.
  • If your customers are waiting, you can keep them entertained with many different types of information…even use live TV within a branded frame.

If all those ideas aren’t enough to convince you that digital sign boards are better than printed, give us a call at 800.584.4653 x6382. We’ve got lots more suggestions!