spectrio case studyby Robert Anthony, Spectrio Creative Consultant

Do you remember when talk radio was neighborly, not acerbic? When TV news was information as opposed to infotainment? Or when producing audio involved tape, razor blades and overflowing “in” and “out” boxes? Clark Anthony does, and though he appreciates the speed and efficiency of the digital age, he misses the personal touch of ‘back in the day,’ and is dedicated to bringing that approachability to his work, which is mostly dedicated to the voice talent he brings to Spectrio, among other clients.

“I’m kind of the Guy Next Door…friendly, sincere, approachable–like Bob Newhart, but not as funny” says the veteran of many years on—and off—camera. For nearly 30 years, Mr. Anthony (no relation to this Mr. Anthony, despite our common interests and career choices) was a combination midday radio host and TV weatherman/news anchor. Like many a media person, the Californian-by-way of the Midwest got hooked on radio and would play disk jockey on his own imaginary radio station; “I realized that the guy on the air was having way more fun than I would that day in class. Then I learned he was being paid to make the same sort of wisecracks that earned me only reprimands!” Anthony got his first radio job at 14, and his personable, low-key style was honed in an unlikely place—the U.S. Marine Corps (“Call me ‘Sarge’“) where he worked in public affairs and at a radio station in Orange County. After an honorable discharge and a brief time in the northern part of California, he settled in San Diego, raising a family and cultivating a prominent career, and finding time to indulge his love for music, performing in several bands and as a solo performer.

Aside from doing some work in the educational TV field with students, Clark Anthony is dedicated to voice work these days. He retains the personal, intimate touch that he brought to radio and TV as the key to his present role. “Chances are whatever I’m saying is being heard by individual people. Broadcast commercials, news, podcasts, web audio – especially telephone prompts – are personal communication. I’m talking to you. I don’t want to “thank all our customers for their support.” I want to “thank you”. Yeah. You! Really.” He refers to Spectrio as “professional, conscientious…a class act. And we plan to take over the world—one phone at a time!”

Listen here, to find out why we’ve chosen Clark Anthony as this month’s Voice of Choice!