The surface benefits of digital signage are obvious. Adding a modern content display in your office, shop, hotel, or retail store will improve the look of your location. It will show that your organization cares about keeping up with new digital trends and strives to provide your visitors with the highest level of customer experience.  

But digital signs do far more than give off a good impression. The benefits of digital signage stretch from improving communication and empowering visitors to increase revenue and saving money.

What benefits are you missing by not using digital signage at your location?

Capture Attention & Increase Customer Awareness  

One of the most well-known uses of digital signage is it’s ability capture attention and entertain an audience. This can benefit an organization in multiple ways.

Effectively Attract and Hold AttentionPeople are visual learners with short attention spans, so digital signs are the perfect medium for effectively attracting and holding attention. Unlike static signs and isolated audio, video helps people pay attention, learn, and remember. This increases the likelihood that your message will be heard and absorbed.

Spread Emergency Information — With an ability to quickly capture attention, digital signs are a useful platform for sharing emergency information. In the event of an emergency, signs can send alert messages throughout a location and direct viewers on how to handle the situation.

Decrease Perceived Wait Time — Audience are drawn to video, so when a digital sign with engaging content is present, time feels like it is moving faster. When customers are entertained by digital signage content, 30 minutes in a waiting room actually feels more like 20 minutes.  

Customize and Target Content — Audiences are more likely to engage with content that is targeted to their needs and wants. Through the use of day, time, and weather parting options on digital signage, playlists adjust automatically to accommodate different audiences, timely events, and even outdoor conditions, making sure your content is always relevant and useful.

Promote Product and Services — Programming can be used to entertain audiences, but it can also be used to promote products and services. Digital signage is an ideal place to introduce audiences to new or lesser known offerings and highlight upcoming specials and promotions.

Empower Customers and Clients

Digital signage offers an organization an opportunity to distribute content to their clients and customers, but content control can also be put in the hands of the audience.

Allow Audiences to Choose Content — Through interactive signage, audiences can pick, choose, and customize content based on their needs and interests. This increases engagement as audience can access content that directly relates to what they want to see.

Enable Audiences to Make Purchasing Decisions — More and more customers, especially millennials, like to make their purchasing decisions on their own. They don’t like to be bothered by salespeople. With product demo videos, customers can find answers to their questions without needing to engage with a sales staff (which also decreases a strain on human resources).

Provide Interactive Wayfinding Tools — Interactive digital signs can replace static maps and offer an intuitive wayfinding tool for visitors, customers, and guests. With an interactive map, visitors can browse through directories, enter their destination, and receive custom directions that lead them to their destination from their exact location.

Improve Internal Communications

Digital signs are not solely for communicating with clients and customers. They are also an effective way to communication with internal staff

Share Important Company Updates — Digital signs are a great tool for getting a team or staff on the same page, even if they are located in different places. Consistent messaging can be sent to multiple office locations while sharing the exact same messaging.  

Consistently Train Staff — The platform is also an effective teaching tool. Organizations can use videos and tutorials to consistently train new staff. They can also provide continued training by offering libraries of content that employees can easily access when they need to an information refresher.

Motivate Staff — When signage is placed in an employee area, it can be an effective tool for motivating sales staff. Screens can be used as leaderboards which inspire staff to increase their sales numbers and compete with other internal teams.

Create Financial Benefits

By promoting products and services, you can increase revenue with digital signage. But you can also use your signage to create additional revenue streams and save money.

Displays Ads for Non-Competing Businesses — When you have the attention of a highly engaged audience, you can promote your organization, as well as other non-competing organizations. You can sell ad space, presented in brief clips or banners on the screen, to other businesses that share your same audience but offer different products and services.

Never Order Replacement Signs — One of the wonderful benefits of digital signage is that you can change content at little or no cost in a very small amount of time. You can regularly update your content without spending money on purchasing new signs. This also improves the professional appearance of your business as you won’t’ have signs with outdated or crossed-off information.

Decrease Strain on Human Resources — With useful and informative signage, you may be able to reduce the amount of human resources needed to guide and engage with your visitors. Wayfinding tools can help direct guests. Product demos can sell to customers, and interactive kiosks can intake patients.

Digital signage will certainly improve the appearance of your shop, store, or office. You location will look more modern, technically-savvy, and professional.

But it will also, improve you ability to capture and maintain audience attention. It will empower your customers and clients to make more educated decisions. And, it will improve your internal communications while saving your business money and creating additional revenue streams.

A digital sign is not a one trick pony. The benefits of digital signage are wide and varied, and they can also be customized to best serve your organization’s unique needs and goals.

So, stop missing out on the many benefits of digital signage. Schedule a free consultation with a Spectrio representative to see exactly how digital signage can benefit your organization.

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