In our blog post What Is Digital Signage?, we answered some of the most frequently asked questions about digital signage. We listed ways to use digitals signs, where to place them, the benefits they offer, the elements you can add to your content, and the industries that are using them the most. But, there is still much to be said about this powerful communication tool. So we decide to expand on the topic and create a second installment to answer more frequently asked questions about digital signage.

What Are Some Misconceptions About Digital Signage?

Before we get into the facts about digital signage, let’s start by looking at the misconceptions many people have about this technology. Too many organizations get hung up on these untruths and fail to see the full potential and possibilities of using digital signage.

Misconception One: We can’t afford digital signage. It’s too expensive. Digital signage is an affordable marketing and communication tool. Digital signage packages at Spectrio start at just $55/month.

Misconception Two: Content creation is too difficult. Without the right resources, content creation can be difficult. But when you work with a partner like Spectrio who offers both a team of professional content creators and a library of pre-created content, finding content to fill your programming is a breeze.   

Misconception Three: We won’t be able to keep up with the content demands. Many organizations worry that even after they have starter content, the management of their content will be too strenuous. But regularly updating your content is simple. Digital signage tools make it easy to add and remove content, and if you work with a partner, you can get on a year-long production plan that fills your screens with content months in advance.

What Can You Accomplish With Digital Signage?

Once you get over the misconceptions about digital signs, you can start to see the power that lies in this platform. You can affordably and conveniently bring digital signage to your organization, and when you do, you can use it in a variety of ways.

Attract Attention: Digitals signs can catch attention both inside and outside of your store or office. Screens placed in display windows or on the sidewalk near your entrance can lure in customers. Meanwhile, screens positioned throughout your location can attract attention to your promotions, products, and services far better than static signs alone.

Educate Your Audience: Because a digital screen quickly captures attention, you can use it to share important messages with your audience. You can educate them on your brand and offerings. You can also teach them about topics that can help them outside of your business. For example, doctors can share health tips and awareness initiatives and hotels can deliver information about things to do near their property.

Entertain Your Audience: If you have a business that requires your customers or clients to wait, providing entertainment through digital signs is an effective way to decrease perceived way time. When provided with interesting content, customers who wait for 30 minutes report that it feels more like 20 minutes. Providing entertaining content will improve the customer satisfaction in your waiting rooms.

Promote & Sell: Digital signage gives your customers, clients, and patients what they want and need. It also serves your business goals. It helps you increase sales by enabling you to highlight specials and deals, promote upsells, share video testimonials, and feature unknown or underselling products and services.  

Create Revenue Streams & Save Money: Digital signs can also impact your bottom line by helping you save and earn extra money. Because you don’t need to pay to create new signs every time you want to change your content, you save on marketing expenses. And, if you want to generate revenue from your signage, you can add third-party advertisements from non-competing business to your content streams.

What Features Can You Add to Your Digital Signage?

When you dig even deeper into the facts about digital signage, you’ll find that the platform can do more than you thought. Digital signs have a variety of features that make it a multi-functional, powerful tool.

Private Label TV: You don’t necessarily need to create custom content to deliver a custom audience experience through digital signage. You can incorporate private label TV programming into your content playlist so that you control what your audience see and when they see it. Unlike regular television feeds, you choose the shows, clips, and commercials.

Interactive Features: Digital signs aren’t restricted to one-way communication. You can use interactive signage that allows your audience to engage with the content. They can control what they see and enter their information so you can collect check-in information and run contests.

Parting: With digital signs, you can adjust your content throughout the day without manually changing your settings. Through parting, your digital sign will select the best content based on external elements such as time of the day, day of the week, and even the weather outside. This ensures that the most relevant content is always shown to your audience.

Content Wraps: You can maximize your screen space when you use digital screens by adding content wraps. Content wraps form borders around your main frame so you can share additional messages, information, and advertisements during your featured content.

Live Feeds: Digital screens also allow you to share real-time information. You can add live feeds from social media, weather, and news streams. Often these streams are displayed in content wraps around your main content.

How Do You Bring Digital Signage to Your Organization?

The first step in bringing digital signage into your organization is educating yourself on its benefits, features, and solutions. Through this post and the first installment of What Is Digital Signage?, you have done that.

Now you can take the next step which is finding out what type of digital signage will best fit the unique goals and means of your organization. Taking that next step is simple too.

Just click below to sign up for a free, no-obligation digital signage consultation with a Spectrio representative. During the call, we’ll answer all of your questions about digital signage and outline a plan on how you can bring digital screens to your office, shop, hotel, or hospital.