calendar app layout full of events

Calendars help keep your team on track. Why not make them beautiful, and feature them on screens throughout your office?

That was our inspiration for the new Google Calendar App, which is available now to all Enplug users. This app can display calendar bookings with an overview of your upcoming events or show a single room’s current and future availability. This app is a perfect fit for offices with meeting rooms, or at conferences and events.

Display calendar bookings with Enplug

The Calendar App links to your Google Calendar accounts to automatically update your event schedule every 15 minutes.

In the Overview Mode, you can show schedules on up to 30 linked calendars. You can choose how far into the future to show events from your calendars, from a half-hour up to one day. You can also customize your screens with our built-in color themes or create your own color themes to match your brand.

In the Single Calendar Mode, you can show one room’s availability. Your Enplug screen will show the room’s current availability and a preview of the events coming up in that room. You can upload your own logo for added customization. This option is great for use on screens in your conference room.

Andrew Barrett-Weiss, Director of Workplace Experience at, says that “displaying calendars for each meeting room helps to promote transparency in the organization because the whole team can see what’s going on at a glance. It also helps to reduce double-booking and scheduling conflicts in our conference rooms.”

Enplug Calendar App in Office

If you don’t yet have screens in your conference rooms, you can purchase a Windows tablet and install Enplug for Windows on it.

Enplug customers can get started by enabling the Calendar App from their DisplayOS Dashboard. Not yet using Enplug? Request Info to get started today!

Enplug Calendar App Options