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As you plan for 2017, there is one more thing to add to your to-do list — create a plan for digital signage content for your healthcare practice waiting areas and exam rooms.

Using digital signage content in your practice provides multiple benefits for staff, patients, and the practice as a whole. A few of the benefits of digital signage include:

  • Less stressed or anxious patients
  • Better informed patients
  • Stronger brand loyalty for your practice
  • Increased rate of patient engagement
  • Decreased patient perceived wait time
  • Ability to support revenue initiatives

So as you create your outline for the year, include dates and content plans for how you can utilize your digital screens to their fullest potential.

Tips for Creating Digital Signage Content for Your Healthcare Practice

When you meet with your marketing and communications team to create your digital signage playlist, keep a few things in mind.

Start with an editorial calendar. Take a granular look at the year, and note any events, holidays, and seasons that will direct your content creation plans. Consider your resources for updating and creating content, and set dates for when you will update your playlist. We recommend updating your content at least four times a year to keep content fresh, relevant, and timely.

Consider multiple content mediums. With digital signage, you have multiple options for the type of content you can display. You aren’t restricted to static graphics. Digital signage content can include video, animations, and interactive media among other formats. Consider how you can use a variety of content mediums this year.

Create a plan to repurpose. When planning the digital signage content for your healthcare practice, think about how you can use one piece of content in multiple ways or on multiple platforms. For example, if you create a video for a digital screen, see if you can add it to your website. Or if you create a brochure, see how you can use the graphics on your digital signage content.

Add bonus content. The content on your digital screens can be enhanced using features such as branded frames and news tickers. As you design your content plans, think about how you can use the extra space around your main content to promote your yearly initiatives.

Incorporate calls-to-action. Your healthcare digital signage content presents an opportunity for you to motivate action in your audience. So when you create content that guides patients to do something (such as use your patient portal, make an appointment for preventative care, etc.), include clear calls-to-action that tell them exactly what they need to do to take the next step.

Know your audience. Before you create content, take the time to clearly define your audience. Consider the different types of people that visit your office (adult patients, child patients, health care advocates, etc.) and create content that speaks directly to them.

Once you have a strategy for how to create programming that will benefit your practice and patients, start to develop ideas for the content itself.

What to Include In Your Healthcare Digital Signage Content Playlist

As you brainstorm topic ideas, consider using the following themes in the digital signage content for your healthcare practice.

  • Health literacy information. Help patients take control of their healthcare by presenting content that helps them understand the behaviors and services that lead to improved health.
  • Preventative care details. Highlight how screenings and immunizations can prevent patients from getting sick.
  • National healthcare initiatives. Promote healthcare awareness days, weeks, and months, taking advantage of national marketing campaigns and materials for these large initiatives.
  • Procedure overviews. Explain procedures to educate patients, ease their concerns, and give them an idea about what to expect during their appointment.
  • Home health care tips. If many of your patients are responsible for home health care for themselves or a loved one, share content that explains how to safely perform activities or access caregiver resources.
  • Staff introductions. Help your patients get to know your team by sharing introductions to key staff members.
  • A personal side of the practice. Allow patients to see another side of your practice by sharing the story of how you got started, offering an inside look at your facility, showcasing your work in the community, etc.
  • Patient portal promotions. Encourage EHR portal adoption by highlighting the benefits and tools available to patients and caregivers.
  • Seasonal initiatives. As the seasons change, update your content to connect with related healthcare initiatives like flu shots in the winter, wearing sunscreen in the summer, school sports physicals in the fall, etc.
  • Patient-generated content. Look for ways to include your patients in your content by sharing their photos, reviews, and experiences – with permission (such as before and after images, birth announcements, vacation photos, etc.).  
  • Healthcare related trivia. Add some fun to your digital signage content for your healthcare practice. Use trivia as a way to both engage and educate your audience while sharing important health tips and information.
  • Events. Bring attention to special events that your practice or facility is holding during the year.
  • Office promotions and services. Use this direct connection to your audience as a way to promote offerings from your office that patients may not know about.
  • Cross promotions. Turn your digital content into a bonus revenue stream by incorporating promotions for elective services or complementary providers.

As you create the digital signage content for your healthcare practice, use these tips and ideas to create a playlist that will serve your patients and practices as a whole.

A digital signage playlist is just one of the many factors you need to consider as you go into 2017.

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