Dental Digital Signage

Improve Your Dental Office’s Waiting Room Experience With Educational And Entertaining Content For Your Patients


Engage your Customers

The average patient waits about 13 minutes for the dentist. Are you making the most of this time? Kick cable to the curb and choose a custom dental digital signage solution from Spectrio. With waiting room TV and other digital display options, you’ll educate and engage your patients while building your brand, helping you to see a return on investment in your waiting room.


Dental Digital Signage

Digital signage engages and educates your patients, helps you stand out from you other dentists, increases case acceptance, and creates happier office visits. Spectrio offers a turn-key, comprehensive digital signage solution that’s easy to manage and customize. As a proven leader the dental industry, Spectrio will help you choose the type of content that best fit your practice’s objectives.


Focus your digital display board entirely on the services and treatments of your dental practice. Our content library covers a wide variety of dental procedures and services for you to choose from. With customizable templates, you can promote the messages that work best for you.


Mix pre-screened, family friendly entertainment clips in with branded educational messaging about your practice. We have top news stories, sports, weather, human interest stories, sitcoms, and movie trailers. Your educational content will play in between spots, promoting proper dental hygiene as well as your brand.

Waiting Room Television

All of the above digital signage solutions can be customized to play in your waiting room. With Waiting Room TV for Dentists by Spectrio, you can reduce perceived wait times while educating customers about their dental needs and putting your best foot forward as a brand.

Custom Video

Our creative team will work with you to create customized video content to engage and educate your patients about why your practice is unique


Access to Vetted Dental Content

Never struggle with creating digital display content on your own. Tap into Spectrio’s extensive library of dental and healthcare content to fill your playlist and educate your patients. Choose from hundreds of animated videos and images that feature educational, entertainment, customizable, and many other types of content.

Why Digital Signage

Not only is digital signage great for educating and entertaining patients, it’s part of a larger trend of in-office marketing that focuses on engaging the people who are engaging with you. It takes a lot of work to drive traffic to your practice. Are you doing everything you can to sell your brand once people show interest?

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