Healthcare Digital Signage

Engage and Educate Patients in Your Practice, Hospital or Senior Living Community with Digital Signage from Spectrio


Engage Patients in your Hospital, Practice or Nursing Home

Digital signage can help to reduce the stress of visiting your practice, hospital or senior living community by providing real-time information and wayfinding to those who need it most. On top of that, custom Waiting Room TV can keep patients engaged and educated while reducing their perceived wait time. Easy-to-use, branded digital signage by Spectrio may be the missing piece in your patient-practice relationships.


Digital Signage

Your patients and residents are more likely to be satisfied with their care when they feel engaged and informed about their options. Spectrio offers turnkey, comprehensive digital signage solutions to doctors, hospitals and senior living communities that are custom-designed for healthcare. We’ll work hand-in-hand with you to choose the most effective digital displays for your practice. Then, you’ll work with our creative team to design customized content centered on your patients’ needs.

Wait Boards

Reduce perceived patient wait times and educate visitors and residents on health topics, events and services. All content goes through an approval process and is HIPAA compliant.


Direct visitors throughout your hospital or facility and increase staff productivity with digital wayfinding kiosks. Users can download maps to their phone and find exactly where they need to go easily.

Live TV Pass-Thru

Keep your patients entertained cable or satellite in your waiting area, but branded in a custom wrap that promotes your practice alongside live television.

Custom Layout

Our creative team will work with you to create customized content to engage and educate your patients about why your practice is unique.


Access to Vetted Healthcare Content

Never struggle with creating content on your own. Tap into Spectrio’s extensive library of healthcare content to fill your playlist and educate your patients. Choose from hundreds of animated videos and images that feature educational, entertainment, customizable, and many other types of content.

Why DIgital Signage for Healthcare?

Not only is Digital Signage great for educating and entertaining patients, it’s part of a larger trend of In-Store Marketing that focuses on engaging the people who are engaging with you. It takes a lot of work to drive traffic to your practice. Are you doing everything you can to sell your brand once people show interest?

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