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Bring your community together with digital displays, mobile apps, voice-based tools, entertainment, and more.

Why Digital Signage for Senior Living

Connect residents with their friends, family and community with community builder solutions tailored to the needs of the senior living industry.

Flexible Platform

Whether you’re looking to keep residents informed or keep families connected, Spectrio has a community solution for you.

Engaging Content

From daily activity schedules to customizable in-room content, keep residents and visitors engaged.

Effortless Management

Plug-and-play installation and an intuitive CMS make managing your communications simple and easy.


Digital Signage

By choosing Spectrio’s digital signage solution, you aren’t just making your community more modern and easier to manage – you’re helping your residents to stay informed and engaged. Here are just a few ways that our senior living customers make the most of their signage.

Manage Updates

With digital signage, it’s simple to update your schedule of programs, activities and events as often as you need. Just update in the Spectrio CMS and push to all of your screens at once.

Build Community

From displaying local news and weather to announcing resident birthdays to playing high-definition, custom slideshows, there’s no limit to the ways that you can use signage to build a sense of community.

Connect Residents, Familes, and Staff

With CommunityShare and LifeShare, your residents stay connected with your staff and their families through the televisions in their rooms.

CommunityShare Digital Signage

CommunityShare powers your senior living community’s digital signage, providing robust calendaring, music, games, notifications and more. Plus, you have the ability to easily print off activity schedules from our CMS.

Simple Installation and Management

CommunityShare can connect to any television and is easily managed through a web-based CMS, allowing you to push updates to all of your screen quickly from any device, including our mobile app.

Centralized Communication

From lunch and dinner menus to daily announcements and everything in between, CommunityShare provides a central hub for you to communicate with your community.

Enhanced Marketing

CommunityShare isn’t just a communications tool – with customized branding for your community and the ability to play videos and advertisements of your choosing, it’s a marketing tool as well.

LifeShare In-Room Digital Signage

LifeShare helps you to keep seniors and their families connected through a familiar device – the television in their rooms.

Engaged, Connected Families

Through LifeShare, loved ones can easily send emails, text messages, photos and more to display on your residents’ TVs through a free phone app. This seamless connection makes it simple for families to enrich the lives of seniors in your community.

Enriching Content

LifeShare includes a wide variety of content, including faith-based programming, news, weather, podcasts and even interactive games.

Compatible with any Television

LifeShare is compatible with any modern television – just connect the box to the TV, connect it to the internet, and you’re good to go.

Share for Mobile

Mobile technology has become a vital tool for keeping us all connected. SHARE for Mobile provides apps to keep families, residents, and staff informed about the community, notified of changes, and connected to each other through messaging and media sharing.

New Share App

We are releasing our new SHARE app for seniors ahead of schedule. Designed to streamline communications and strengthen connections in senior communities, the SHARE app offers a simple tool for residents to view community info, stay up-to-date via push notifications, and easily receive and send messages to family and staff.

As the COVID-19 pandemic keeps families and loved ones separated, we are offering version 1.0 of the SHARE app as a free service to help our current customer communities during this challenging time. We hope this tool will offer you another way to keep residents healthy, happy, and safe.

Share Info

Communities can post information about activities, meals, birthdays, and important announcements. Seniors can use the moment-at-a-glance Home page to focus on the most current happenings, with easy access to more information via full Calendar, Menu, and Announcement channels.

Share News

The Messages tool and Staff Directory provide direct lines of communication between seniors, family, and staff. Seniors stay engaged and informed with push notifications for activities, appointments, and incoming messages.

Share Life

Convenient media sharing gives seniors access to view and share cherished photos and family videos. Staff can share videos and photos in the community gallery. Automated slideshows bring memories to life.


Share for Alexa

Utilize the power of voice with the SHARE for Alexa skill. Access community details such as menus, activities, and more, plus entertainment options such as games, music, and podcasts, all just by asking Alexa.

Fully Integrated Solution

Share for Alexa uses Amazon’s Alexa for Hospitality service to give residents, staff, and guests access to community information and more through the power of voice. We handle all of the setup for you, including providing the Echo Dots, making this a truly plug-and-play option. The skill seamlessly integrates with your existing data!

- Promote active interactions
- Supply on-demand access to information
- Increase accessibility for seniors with low vision and reading challenges
- Provide additional entertainment options through native Alexa skills

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