Veterinary Digital Signage

Digital signage for your veterinary clinic is an essential tool to educate your clients, promote your services and brand your business. Our waiting room TV and signage platform is simple-to-use, modern, entertaining and educational, perfect for your waiting room, exam rooms or reception area.

Spectrio’s modern look and flexible platform gives you complete control over your message and adds a constant source of communication in your clinic, office or animal hospital. Our content library is packed with graphics and animations for the services you offer, products you recommend, and content you want to customize. Promotional segments are interspersed with pre-screened, family-friendly content from top networks designed to keep your clients’ attention focused on the screen. Spectrio is the digital signage solution you’ve been looking for – all you have to do is add it to your TV.


Digital Signage

Whether you’re looking for a waiting room display that features popular entertainment or is 100% educational vet content, our turnkey library is stuffed with relevant content for your practice. Our signs can be placed throughout your practice, integrated with your social media feeds and updated through our easy-to-use web-based content management system, so no matter where you want to engage clients, we help you deliver your message.

Promote Services

Educate clients about the benefits of the most important veterinary services you offer, and make them aware of services they didn’t even know you provide.

Drive Sales

Drive clients to your online pharmacy and highlight the promotions happening at your veterinary clinic.

Brand Yourself

Custom templates allow you to tailor a message that’s unique to your office and highlights your amazing staff.


Client education is at the core of our digital signage solutions for veterinarians. Our veterinary content library is packed with videos, animations, and graphics that explain common services to the clients waiting in your office. That way, your clients see the value in everything from annual checkups, to keeping vaccines current, to specialized and niche services like holistic pet care.


Our entertainment library has all the same popular content your customers see on live TV, but mixed in is content about your brand. All entertainment content is pre-screened and family-friendly, so you can educate and entertain the clients in your waiting area without having to worry about what they’re watching.

Share Your Story

The most important part of your hospital’s story is your brand. Whether it’s the values that drive your business, the amazing team that makes up your staff, or the state-of-the-art technology you use, make sure clients see what sets you apart from the competitio

On-Hold Messaging

Engage callers even if you have to place them on hold

WiFi Marketing

Use free guest Wi-Fi to drive marketing leads, campaigns, and data.

Overhead Music

Fully licensed in-store radio customized for your audience that integrates your brand messages.

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