ID-100208284By Tiara Luten, Spectrio Creative Consultant

Pasta with meatballs. Tacos and margaritas. Or maybe good old fashioned hamburgers and French fries. No matter what type of food your restaurant serves, your customers look forward to a great dining experience even before they walk through the door. With Spectrio, you can create on-hold messages for a restaurant that will provide your patrons with information about your hours of operation, menu or even lunch specials, right over the phone.

We provide our on-hold messaging restaurant clients with the proper tools to create branded audio solutions. Your on-hold messages should represent your restaurant’s desire to provide not only relevant information, but also quality customer service. Here are 3 topics you can use to help you write engaging messages for your restaurant’s on-hold system:


Hours and Directions. There’s nothing worse than getting to a restaurant too early in the morning or late at night, only to find that the establishment is not open. On-hold messaging is a great way to keep your customers informed of your hours of operation. Show your customers that you care and help out with directions! You can even provide quick messages on the best routes to take to your dining spot.


Featured Menu Items. Are you offering a soup of the day? Chicken special of the week? Or maybe milkshake of the month? Engage your customers with the featured dining option off your menu.


Discounted Specials. Your messages can describe your restaurant’s discount of the month. Do you plan to have an influx of customers around Valentine’s Day or Easter? Make sure you let your customer’s know about any discount meals or appetizers.


Spetrio strives to provide you with great content, great ideas, and a wide range of audio and visual services to meet your nail salon’s needs. Whatever you write for your on-hold messages, be sure to connect with your customers and give them the best you have to offer. And always remember, we’re here to help. Contact us here or give us a call at 800-584-4653!

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