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Many of our customers use social media displays to interact and engage with their customers, but the technology is great for connecting employees, too. Here in our Culver City headquarters, we use multiple displays—each with its own customized feeds and apps—throughout common areas of the office to share updates from tech conferences and events, post photos during team outings and make each other laugh with candid snaps from the office.

Here are some of the ways we use our displays:

Share company news

Whether sales landed a big client, our CEO Nanxi got a shout-out in the press or a team member got engaged (congrats, Shawn!), we’ll post updates via the Twitter, Instagram or blog apps to instantly share with the group. We make sure to push these updates to common areas like the #EnplugKitchen or #GameRoom so everyone will see the good news.


Provide a little inspiration

We work hard, sometimes at odd hours, but we want to stay energized and inspired, too. In the #EnplugCorner, we recently started an “Office Health & Inspiration” Pinterest board that we use to pin diet, exercise, gardening or productivity tips with the Pinterest app. (We throw in a few non-cheesy inspirational quotes from great minds, too.) Healthy employees are happy employees, and we appreciate an environment where self-care is encouraged and valued.

Post fun moments from the workday

Enplug has its own internal Instagram and Twitter hashtags that staff can use to post photos and updates throughout the week. We like to take pictures at team outings or during lunch breaks. (Ryan takes a lot of selfies.)


We might be a little biased, but the Enplug team loves using the displays. Here’s what some of our team members have to say about their favorite ways to share posts:

“I use our Instagram Wall app to showcase pictures and videos of my Boxer pup, Forrest Gump. It’s my way of personalizing my workspace.”


“We use the displays in our office for just about everything. We use them for sharing mockups and new apps before they’re ready for our customers, for conversations with our users and team (you can use #Enplug or #EnplugHQ to tell us something – it’ll show up right in our office!), and even for silly things, like Instagram videos and pictures of our team’s recent basketball competition! We use them to stay up-to-date on tech, world, and sports news, too, or just to see what the weather will be like for the rest of the week.

We’ll also be using one to keep track of ping-pong scores in the near future!”


“When hosting potential clients at the office, our Enplug displays showcase our venues & the buzz around our brand in a way that impresses visitors. It also captures the excitement of our team outings & preserves great memories.”


Here are a few good reasons to use live social walls in your own office:

Connect multiple locations

If your company has locations in Los Angeles and New York (or dozens of other locations!), social media displays are the perfect way to bridge the distance between employees—no more silo effect. With Enplug’s Enterprise Edition, you can upload as many graphics and feeds to an unlimited number of displays anywhere. You can personalize each display to your office’s preferences and set as many administrators as needed. Thousands of miles and multiple time zones won’t matter as much when your New York team posts photos of bustling Manhattan and the L.A. team shares photos of sunny Silicon Beach.


Strengthen morale

People love to feel connected—like they’re part of a team. They also like to share parts of their lives and be tuned into what’s going on with others. (Have you ever found out a coworker got engaged…weeks after everybody else did? It’s bound to make you feel left out.) Now good news isn’t just shared with the select few who happen to overhear it in the kitchen—it’s broadcasted to the whole company.

Create a friendly, transparent atmosphere

Clients, customers or visitors who stop by your office will see your displays and get a fantastic first impression. Your company will seem like a fun place to work where employees care about one another. Plus, you’ll seem totally up-to-date with the latest technology.

Whether your business has one location or 100, digital signage can help make an office environment more engaging, attractive and fun for your employees. (And let’s be honest—they’re all using social media at some point throughout the day anyway, so why not channel their focus onto your company culture?)

How would you use digital signage in your office? Tweet us @Enplug to let us know!

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