New School Technology Enters the Education System

One school district’s Chief Information Officer describes his innovative methods to digitize the school environment, using unique technology solutions to dramatically improve safety, boost student engagement and encourage progress in a community often naturally resistant to change.

In our latest Business Impact Workshop, we sat down with David Akridge, the Chief Information Officer of Mobile County Public School District in Alabama. Yes, you read that correctly! It’s a critical, lesser-known job that’s definitely not as commonplace as it should be across the United States.

Akridge is always looking for innovative solutions to those deeply frustrating issues that have plagued schools for decades. How do we keep students and faculty physically safe? How do we motivate teachers to embrace change in their long-held practices? How do we ignite passion in apathetic students?

Akridge and his team have mastered the art of conceptualizing great ideas and building them into reality. We sat down with him and were in for a truly remarkable conversation.

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