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Listen to On-Hold Music Samples for Your Business

Knowing what kind of on hold music to use can make all the difference in a successful production. More than just background for your message, the right music helps set the tone, drive the message, and engage the listener. Spectrio offers a wide variety of on hold music styles that are fully licensed and specially mastered to create a custom blend uniquely your own.

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Featured Music

Featured On-Hold Music Samples

April 2018 Featured Music

Listen to Holiday Music Samples


Listen to Medium Contemporary Music Samples

ID MC01 - A New Start
ID MC02 - A Promise
ID MC03 - Along the Line

Listen to Classical Music Samples

ID CL01 - Classical View
ID CL02 - Classical Images
ID CL03 - Country Cantabile

Listen to Country Music Samples

ID CY01 - New Ride
ID CY02 - Stormin'
ID CY03 - A Toi

Listen to Light Contemporary Music Samples

ID LC01 - Memories of Home
ID LC02 - Iced Tea
ID LC03 - Sax du Jour

Listen to Latin Music Samples

ID LT01 - Hanna Havana
ID LT02 - Guacharaca
ID LT03 - Suntanner

Listen to Classic Jukebox Music Samples

ID CJO01 - Alone
ID CJO02 - Around Midnight
ID CJO03 - Mo 'Em Down

Listen to Soft Rock Music Samples

ID RK01 - Always Believe
ID RK02 - Full On
ID RK03 - Walk Away

Listen to Smooth Jazz Music Samples

ID SJ01 - Funky Pick
ID SJ02 - Sax Beat
ID SJ03 - The Trill

Listen to Techno Music Samples

ID HTT01 - Trans Atlantic
ID HTT02 - Metro Funk
ID HTT03 - Amplitude

Listen to International Music Samples

ID CARIB01 - Caribbean - Hazy Groove
ID CELT01 - Celtic - Green Pastures
ID ITAL01 - Italian - Simply Italy