Passion from South of the Border

Knowing what kind of on hold music to use can make all the difference in a successful production. More than just background for your message, the right music helps set the tone, drive the message, and engage the listener. Spectrio offers a wide variety of on hold music styles that are fully licensed and specially mastered to create a custom blend uniquely your own.
*For any clients located outside of the United States, music selections may vary due to licensing arrangements. Please allow Spectrio to assist with your music selections if your company is located Internationally.
ID LT01 - Hanna Havana
ID LT02 - Guacharaca
ID LT03 - Suntanner
ID LT04 - Old Escuela
ID LT05 - Chispa
ID LT06 - Mood Salon
ID LT07 - Colombian Conga
ID LT08 - Mucho Mambo
ID LT09 - Summer Nights
ID LT10 - Coffee Bean
ID LT11 - Latin Fever
ID LT12 - Passion
ID LT13 - Sophisticate
ID LT14 - Mambo Royalty
ID LT15 - Zoomin' Brass
ID LT16 - My Love for You
ID LT17 - Solo con Decir
ID LT18 - Talamera
ID LT19 - Cerca del Mar
ID LT20 - Muevete