How It Works

Meet Susie

Suzie drives near your store and receives a notice that her favorite X is on sale.
Suzie checks in before getting to the store, so your sales rep is waiting with the right info or service.
She is greeted by name as she enters because the sales rep got a notification that she arrived.
As Suzie navigates through the store, the store beacons send her relevant messaging for that section or zone.
Suzie gets answers to her questions as she shops.
She buys a few things and all that information (time of day, items browsed, store route and all her demographics) are attached to her profile.

Next time Susie comes in, you will know her shopping habits and be able to preemptively cater her customer experience to her.

What’s Going ON Behind the Scenes

Geo-Fencing Map out your venue and track head signatures to understand how your customers interact with and move about your venue. Track dwell times, bottlenecks, dead zones, passers-by and arrange displays and staff according to the analyzed needs.
Social Engagement
Social Engagement Customers log in to the Wi-Fi network using their social media accounts, automatically connecting them to your social pages and reaching their social network at the same time.
In-Store POS Integration
In-Store POS Integration Paired with Geo-Fencing, POS integration allows you to optimize shift patterns, placing staff where they are most needed when they are most needed, saving money and boosting revenue.
Analytics Real-time data is delivered to staff to allow them to know customers shopping patterns, giving them the opportunity to cater each customer’s experience based on habits and preferences. The customer also receives personalized messages while in-store to encourage buyer behavior.
LogicFlows Automated marketing with drag and drop functionality sends messaging based on specific if/then behaviors, trigging when customers perform pre-established actions.

Wi-Fi Analytics

The rich analytics garnered from Wi-Fi capabilities can empower you to break from a static, one-size-fits-all marketing schedule to a robust, real-time, hyper-relevant messaging matrix. The knowledge from data points like geographical location, time of day, store traffic patterns, digital/store behavior and many other aspects of Wi-Fi data capture gives you the ability to serve dynamic messaging to each customer at the exact time it’s most relevant to what they are doing, have already done, or have the propensity to do. Your messaging will increase many key KPIs like sales conversion, customer satisfaction, traffic volumes and awareness of different aspects of your business – from retail, healthcare, hotel, QSR, banking or automotive, Wi-Fi analytics can significantly enhance your customer interactions.

  • Learn in-depth about your customer patterns, habits across touchpoints, in-store, over time, etc.
  • Know where your shoppers are in-store, near a competitor and other travel patterns
  • Understand the immediate intent/mindset of your shopper/guest
  • Real-time data to help you make current decisions and change messaging right in line with your customer feedback

Splash Pages

As more and more customers and guests want connectivity with brands at every touch point, Spectrio can create dynamic landing and splash pages that deliver. Our team of professional designers and writers are seasoned at matching the look, feel and messaging to engage people with exciting, relevant content that changes as they interact with you online or in-store, all while maintaining your branding standards. Your splash pages seamlessly integrate with your company websites.

Footfall and Heat mapping

Looking to make more informed decisions about where to put certain products or stage services? Footfall can give you the right data to make the best choices for the biggest impact. You can learn:

  • Where shoppers or guests go in your location
  • How long they stay in any area
  • The path they take to a certain place and their whole journey
  • Once you know where customers are in your store, you can send the most relevant messaging
  • When customers return, you’ll know where they will most likely go and give them helpful guidance or serve up special promotions based on past patterns
  • You can also entice visits to different parts of a location (new builds, updated areas, new displays, new service areas) through push messaging and rewards for certain location visits
”Smart-targeting” technology is expected to make up ~$40 billion industry by 2019.

– Markets and Markets study

Email and SMS

Customers expect a pretty good value exchange for giving up personal information. Make sure you’re rewarding their trust, loyalty, and behaviors that help keep your customer-to-brand relationships strong. Send relevant emails/SMS in real-time to customers/guests who are at your location (or nearby) in a critical moment of decision or influence.

  • A particular product your customer has looked at on a previous visit is on sale.
  • A new wing to a hospital is added on that specializes in the type of health issue your patient struggles with.
  • Guide new shoppers to your biggest and best experiences.
  • Tout sales and promotions to customers relevant to their previous preferences or, location in the store.
  • Signal potential customers nearby that it’s lunchtime with a % off to come in.
  • Tell guests what amenities are open/closed during certain hours when they visit a facility.