Fall. My favorite season, and a sign that summer is coming to an end as winter nears. When we think of fall we think of change, changing of the leaves, the changing weather, the transition into pants and sweatshirts, and football.

For many, fall means “football season” but for me, it means soccer season. I grew up playing soccer all year-round, but when you play in high school and college your primary season is in the fall. When I feel the weather shift, my brain tells me that it’s time to go out and play, I believe Pavlov calls this classical conditioning. Even though I graduated from college a few years ago, the urges to play haven’t diminished when I see the changes of fall. I want to be out there with my teammates playing, practicing, and joking about. These are great memories I have of fall, but like I said fall brings change.

This fall has seen a lot of change for me, I now have a career. In August, I was hired to work for LifeShare Technologies and it has been a blast. I’m learning new things every day and working with some tremendous people along the way.

As the leaves turn color and begin to fall and the weather begins to change, it’s important to embrace the new things that come our way. Don’t forget the memories of past falls and the summer that just came to a close, but do not fear a little change for it could bring big things and great memories.