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In today’s 24/7 competitive market your company needs as strong a workforce as possible to meet the challenges of the present and the future. While team building activities are very important, digital signage internal communications can be an effective and easy-to-implement strategy to foster cohesive teams building.

Here are some idea for digital signage software for fostering team building:

1) Share personal achievements from outside the workplace

While your company wants strong teams, the components of those strong teams — the individual employees — need to be recognized for their achievements outside of work as well as for in the workplace.

Bowling league wins, new family additions (including pets), awards from civic organizations, and many other personal achievements or milestones can be recognized via digital signage on display screens in lobbies, elevator halls and break rooms.

Sharing this information throughout the company provides opportunities for informal conversations that can build rapport between team members. Friendships outside the workplace can be facilitated by shared interests that become known through digital signage displays.

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2) Recognize individual & team achievements in the workplace

Recognizing individual and team achievements via digital signage displays throughout the company can bolster team feeling. When individuals are identified by name as part of a team being recognized, this can motivate even more team spirit.

Don’t wait  to recognize only the major achievements. Display information about the small victories along the road to a major achievement and let employees know that the company is rooting for the teams to achieve their goals.

And ask for employee input in recognizing company achievements. Getting buy in on sharing good news can be an effective productivity motivator.

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3) Announce company achievements & news

Employees should never have to find out company news — good or bad — from  sources outside the company. Use digital signage to create a transparent environment where employees can trust that the company will keep them up-to-date on company news.

New employees should be featured as well as promotions. Changes in organizational structures can be visually displayed instead of simply announced via email or intranet. Asking for employee contributions can add to the general knowledge base of all employees.

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