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Guest post by William Leborgne, Senior Content Marketing Manager, MomentFeed

At Engage 2017, our first-ever client summit, MomentFeed — the marketing platform that connects brands and consumers at the local level — was lucky to partner with Enplug to support our digital signage demands.

Enplug is made for easy TV display setup

Prior to the start of our Engage 2017 conference, we received six TVs and were able to easily set them up with the Enplug software. These TVs enabled us to continuously display essential content and information for over 180 conference attendees, from the CMO of The Habit to the Director of SEO at Hertz.

We had the screens project the daily schedule and speaker times, conference-specific social media content, custom photos and sponsors. Throughout our three-day summit, Enplug’s software proved to be an excellent visual communication solution for all of our needs.

MomentFeed digital signage

Display screens were located to maximize effectiveness

Our team strategically set up the six Enplug TVs in multiple locations across the convention floor in order to maximize their utility and promote social sharing and engagement. Two of these screens displayed speaker names and their social handles during their keynotes, while another placed by the MomentFeed hub permanently projected the conference schedule.

The remaining three TVs rotated between displaying an Instagram Wall, Twitter stream and MomentFeed-selected custom images. These TVs were particularly exciting because they projected posts engaging  live with our hashtag (#Engage2017)  as they came through, motivating attendees to share their experience for a chance to be featured.

Enplug garnered huge social media live mentions

Thanks to the interactive opportunities Enplug’s software provided our attendees, MomentFeed amassed more posts, likes and shares than we could have ever anticipated at Engage. We garnered over 180 posts on Twitter and Instagram and an upwards of 1,200 likes and shares on Engage-related content.

Attendees frequently vocalized their shock at this being our first conference, noting how impressed they were with our technology and set-up.

MomentFeed digital signage

Enplug customer service was on hand at event

To top it all off, Enplug representatives were incredibly helpful to the MomentFeed team all the way through, easily resolving any issues that arose and delivering top-notch customer care. Enplug’s head of marketing, Colin Bovet, even came down personally to the event to see the software in action while learning and networking with our attendees.

All in all, Engage 2017 could not have been the success it was without the help of Enplug. With a partnership experience as seamless as ours was this year, there’s no doubt we’ll be working with Enplug again for Engage 2018.