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BetterVideo has now gotten even better with added products and solutions.

Spectrio Acquires Media Distribution Solutions

In order to continue to provide the best customer experience possible, Media Distribution Solutions has joined forces with Spectrio to meet the ongoing needs of our present and future clients.

What This Means To You

With the merger, MDS clients will have access to a wider variety of content and production options, plus a comprehensive suite of in-store marketing solutions – Digital Signage and our Personalized Video Content, Overhead Music and Messaging, On-Hold Marketing, WiFi Marketing, and Scent Marketing – through one provider.

Your Competitive Advantage

Today, small and medium businesses utilizing MDS’ on-demand custom video can distribute their content online, on social media, on television and through other digital distribution channels. With the acquisition, these businesses will now have the opportunity to leverage Spectrio’s in-store digital platform to deliver their content inside their location, allowing them to bridge online marketing and on-location experience to strengthen brand consistency and identity.

New Accounts

To open an account or place new orders, please contact our sales team at and we will be in touch with you shortly!

Highlight Videos

Highlight videos combine still imagery, music and professionally recorded voice-over into an informative and visually captivating video. This cost-effective solution is a terrific way to introduce video to advertisers at all levels.

On-Site Video Production

Our On-Site video products are the perfect way to visually engage customers. On-Site Videos are perfect for business overviews, testimonials, or videos to highlight a specific product or service. On-screen text and motion graphics can be used to reinforce messaging and create visual calls to action.

In addition to our creative, full service video production, we now also offer multiple solutions that will engage your customers at every touchpoint in the shopper journey. See how below!

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