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Spectrio Acquires Profit On-Hold and Airwaves Scenting

In order to continue to provide the best customer experience possible, Profit On-Hold and Airwaves Scenting have joined forces with Spectrio to meet the ongoing needs of our present and future clients.

What This Means To You

With the merger, Profit On-Hold and Airwaves Scenting clients will have access to a wider variety of content and production options, plus a comprehensive suite of in-store marketing solutions – such as Digital Signage, Overhead Music and Messaging, WiFi Marketing, and Interactive Kiosks – through one provider.

Your Competitive Advantage

Among Spectrio’s capabilities are their in-house production facilities, on-line scripting capabilities, and creative staff, which is unmatched in the industry. Spectrio’s current clients receive turnkey equipment, installation, programming, and creative content development as well as the ability to customize timing, format, and marketing messages to help drive customer behavior.

  • Marketing solutions for every industry, from vet clinics to banks to insurance companies
  • Multimedia enhancements for the web, and custom video applications
  • Public space music and location-specific messaging
  • Digital signage solutions for waiting areas, retail spaces and interactive kiosk
  • IVR prompts and automated attendant greeting
  • Expanded audio services for phone systems

Customer Support

For Profit On-Hold customers, please call 985.674.5757 or email if you have any questions.

For Airwaves Scenting customers, please call 888.854.1383 or email if you have any questions.

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