Singlewire aims to transmit messages that save lives.

Effective emergency mass notification systems are critical for schools, businesses, and hospitals. Singlewire Software’s EVP of product management and marketing explains why it’s so important to deploy messaging through multiple channels.

Day after day, world headlines remind us that even in our most comfortable environments, safety is not a guarantee. In recent years, nearly every school and business has adopted a text or push notification system that alerts people of unfolding situations. And while that process is good, it’s not good enough.

Our latest Business Impact Workshop brought us to Singlewire Software, which develops notification programs that instantly reach not only cell phones, but also landline phones, desktops, and digital signage displays, maximizing the chance that every last person in danger will be able to get out of harm’s way.

Here’s what we learned from our illuminating conversation with Pat Scheckel, Singlewire’s EVP of Product Management and Marketing.

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