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Communicate With Your Workforce No Matter Where They Are in the World

Your communications must be consistent, appealing, and most importantly, autonomous. Digital displays allow you to deploy motion graphics, supporting data, and stunning messaging in a way that your clients and staff cannot ignore. Now you can make sure that your mobile workforce is not missing out when they aren’t able to be in the office.

Since 2008

We’ve Helped the World’s Largest Organizations Deliver Content to Digital Signs, Video Walls, Kiosks & Conference Room Displays.

Now in 2020

We’re Helping the World’s Largest Organizations Deliver Critical Information to their Remote Workforce.

Work Remote

The Solution

Your strategy must ensure that you connect with your on-site and remote workforce over three areas:


Your workforce must feel united regardless of their location. Publicizing key initiatives and changes helps to squash the rumor mill and ensure the team is on the same page.


Celebrate your team for who they are as people, praise their accomplishments on high definition digital displays, and keep staff connected regardless of where they are in the world.

Project Vision

Clearly broadcasting and reiterating the organization’s vision for the future is crucial at all times. This program ensures that leadership has a voice that counters negativity in the workplace.

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Remote Player

Industry Weapon’s Remote Player allows organizations to publish in-office communications to your remote workforce in a non-interruptive format. The stream can be embedded in a web page, on an intranet or mobile site. Hosting using Industry Weapon’s Web Services makes deployment simple regardless of your employee’s networking configuration.

How We Ensure Success

Your long-term success is our top priority. Our programs are designed to minimize your team’s effort, by providing FREE content feeds, FREE content maintenance, and FREE 90 Day performance evaluations.


Our free, daily updated content entertains and ensures that people keep coming back for more.

Hands Off Assistance

Simply email, text or call our Concierge Pro team and we’ll make the changes for you!

Success Checkins

Every 90 days, we provide a Blueprint of where things stand and ask you to rate success and then work together to keep improving your program.

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