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There’s a rising problem inside the American auto industry — a growing number of customers don’t trust auto industry employees or their advice.

According to a survey by AAA, two-thirds of Americans don’t trust car repair shops. When asked why, customers said auto shops charge for unnecessary services, overcharge for their work, or don’t do work correctly.

One of the reasons why customers don’t trust auto businesses is because they don’t understand the auto industry. They lack knowledge about what their car needs, so they feel apprehensive about the advice given by professionals.

A way to overcome this confusion and help customers feel more comfortable during their experience in an auto shop is by educating them. Here are a few ways you can inform customers and alleviate their stress right from your showroom or waiting area.

Include Resources on WiFi Landing Pages

One of the first steps to building trust with customers is to give them the information they need. From the moment your customers enter your business, make it easy for them to research auto products and data.

Some companies do this with WiFi marketing by linking to resources on their login landing pages. They might link to their own websites with information or promote resources like Kelly Blue Book to share the value of the car and parts.

Information sharing can also become part of the sales process. Your sales team can guide customers to log in to the WiFi and find resources related to the products or services they need.

Instead of telling customers that they need to fix something, have them read about the value of the parts they need and why they have to be replaced.

Make It Easy for Customers to Find You Online

Along with linking to resources on your WiFi landing pages, direct customers to your Yelp pages or profiles on other review sites.

New customers visiting your business for the first time can then read other customer reviews and decide whether or not they want to take your advice. If past customers write that your business can be trusted, then new customers will be more likely to convert.

This is also an opportunity for your customers to check in or leave a review while they access your WiFi.

Sharing positive experiences can drive more customers to your business in the future, helping to grow your reputation in the area as an honest and trustworthy auto shop.

Promote Auto Health Checks on Wait Boards

The automotive waiting room is an essential part of a repair shop. Almost all customers spend at least a few minutes here. You can use this space as an opportunity to communicate with customers and inform them about their cars.

Invest in digital signage or video walls to easily change what you share with customers. You can also find engaging video content for people to watch while they wait. A few types of information you can share include:

  • Infographics or short videos on how various car systems operate
  • The dangers of neglecting car maintenance
  • The benefits of regular car care and health checks
  • Information on what various parts, systems, and pieces do for your car

You could even include the average prices of these parts at your store compared to your competitors, showing that your services are better than others in the area.

Information will actually upsell your customers. When your buyers realize the value in regular health checks and repair milestones, they will schedule appointments to keep their cars running.

Bad mechanics worry that information will drive customers away to work on cars themselves or to look for cheaper parts. However, when presented well, it can actually make buyers more loyal to your brand.

Incorporate Touchscreens in Your Showrooms

Have you ever tried to explain the importance of a specific system or item to your customers, only to watch their eyes glaze over with boredom or confusion? Some people immediately shut down when they hear about car anatomy, thinking it’s something they will never understand or don’t need to know about.

One way you can engage customers with the learning experience is with interactive displays and visual aids. This can be as simple as asking your staff to use iPads when working with customers, or you can set up touchscreens on your walls.

With the help of this video content, your customers can clearly see what’s going on with their cars. Some repair shops invest in interactive tools so customers can touch the cars and zoom in on various parts. Suddenly the learning process is more exciting and the information is more likely to stick with your customers.

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Encourage Customers to Research Auto Products in Your Store

When your customers are better informed, they are able to make smarter decisions about their cars. They know what needs to be done and have an idea for the amount of time and effort it should take.

This actually helps your sales team because they spend less time convincing customers about the value of your services. Your sales team can help more customers and convert more potential buyers with clear information that builds trust for your brand.

So during the buying process, walk customers through various tools they can use to research auto products and services. Show them the top comparison sites to learn the price of parts. Bring them to your touchscreen computers and let them learn about the various systems within their cars. Bring in-store educational tools to your auto repair shop or sales store.

If you need help getting started, check out Spectrio’s resource section. Download our free guide on digital signage to learn more about how you can use in-store screens to educate customers and lead to more sales and happier customers.