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Franchisor We Rock the Spectrum Kid’s Gym uses Enplug software to connect locations and build loyalty across the globe.

Dina Kimmel started the first We Rock the Spectrum (WRTS) Kid’s Gym in September 2010 to ensure a gym that would be a safe place for all children, including those with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Then in 2014 Austin LaRoche, Chief Marketing Officer of ATAK Interactive, spotted Enplug software in use on a restaurant TV screen. LaRoche brought Enplug to the attention of Kimmel, and the rest is history as the saying goes.

Once Kimmel saw the power of Enplug’s social media apps to engage her clientele in real time, she began requiring all new WRTS gyms to utilize Enplug. (There are now 70 WRTS gyms around the globe, with one opening last year in Malaysia and one slated to open soon in Dubai.)

As to why she loves Enplug, CEO Kimmel said:

“Our gym caters to children with special needs. The look on our kiddos’ faces when they see themselves on the TV screen is priceless. They feel like superstars.”

LaRoche himself walks new WRTS gym owners through how to utilize the Enplug software, and he spoke about how easy the gym owners find Enplug to use.

WRTS gym

LaRoche explained that each gym uses three different hashtags on Enplug’s Social Media Wall App and the Instagram App. Using the example of the WRTS in Glendale:

#wrtsworldwise — for photos of children with no promotional posts allowed
#werockglendale — used by parents when children are at a specific gym
#wrtsglendale — lets local gyms brand themselves as part of the WRTS family

WRTS Wlliamsburg

Asked how he sees the benefit of utilizing digital signage to engage target audiences, LaRoche said:

“As a digital agency people come to us to grow their business. Enplug works. This is how you can grow your social media and get more engagement.”

Austin LaRoche is the Chief Marketing Officer of digital agency ATAK Interactive, which works with We Rock the Spectrum Kid’s Gym

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