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Over the past year, supermarkets have proved to be essential to our lives, with shoppers raiding grocery store shelves during the coronavirus pandemic. However, as demand increased this year, priorities changed for store leaders and so too did internal communication needs. That was the case for New Seasons Market, which quickly learned they needed a way to share up-to-date news and information more easily and widely.

To address the challenge of keeping their communications and content fresh and relevant, New Seasons deployed Enplug to centralize and streamline internal communications to its 3,000+ staff members in 26 locations across Washington, Oregon and California.

Quick and easy deployment

Deploying the Enplug platform across the entire network of stores was incredibly quick and straightforward. The New Seasons IT team programmed the devices, the construction team installed the displays and media players, and the entire network was up and running almost immediately.

New Seasons currently has 26 displays in use – one in each of its store support offices located in Portland, OR and Santa Cruz, CA, and one in each of its 24 store locations. 

Localized content with centralized management

Content creation and management is easily accomplished by the two individuals who currently head up New Seasons’ internal communications efforts.

“With two dozen stores spread across three different states, we love how the Enplug platform makes it SO EASY to flow content to the right place at the right time.”

Gina Fleschner, New Seasons Market

New Seasons is now able to control content centrally, ensuring relevant content with consistent corporate branding across all locations, as well as site-specific content in each store. Team members are better informed than ever before, but additionally, the company’s new employee communications platform has given employees a platform to still connect with each other but from a safe distance.

It’s been an intense year for everyone at New Seasons, and having a centralized employee communications platform to connect with the staff has been invaluable.

Get the Enplug & New Seasons Market Case Study

Download our latest digital signage for gourmet supermarkets case study to see how New Seasons Market implemented Enplug to:

  • Centralize and streamline internal communication
  • Share up-to-date news and information more easily
  • Set-up and deploy a new communications solution quickly
  • Connect with fellow employees

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