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Paycor implemented Enplug digital signage on TV displays in Paycor offices and sales areas to motivate the sales teams and enhance productivity. The team was able to quickly get Enplug up and running with engaging content across their office locations. Paycor uses Enplug to show gamified sales leaderboards through LevelEleven, communicate important announcements and news, and provide ongoing team training in a digital workplace.

Enplug has helped Paycor achieve four primary objectives:

  1. Increased revenue by motivating sales teams with live leaderboards and contests
  2. Decreased costs associated with a digital workplace by not using IT time whenever content needed updating
  3. Providing ongoing training using visual, engaging content for product training
  4. Improved team culture with closer communication across teams and office locations


Paycor offers a variety of HR and payroll solutions to more than 33,000 clients in the United States. The company has more than 1,700 employees across 35 office locations.

With the goal of boosting their sales team’s productivity and accelerating growth, Paycor launched a multi-year process of creating a modern, digital workplace. Their team implemented Salesforce, LevelEleven, and Enplug’s digital signage software. This case study highlights why Paycor chose Enplug, how they use our software, and the results their team has achieved.

Transitioning to a Digital Workplace

In 2014, Paycor embarked on a journey to modernize the sales & marketing organization, with a goal of increasing annual revenue growth by 40%. At the same time, Paycor began building a high velocity Inside Sales team.

Brian Vass, Paycor’s Vice President of Sales and Marketing Technology, was tasked with creating a productive digital workplace for the Inside Sales team:

Our inside sales organization is primarily comprised of millennials. They love technology and want to be challenged.  We wanted to leverage digital signage to drive strong employee engagement through gamification, real-time sales metrics, and compelling content.”

The project involved several components:

  1. Switching to Salesforce for Paycor’s company-wide CRM.
  2. Implementing LevelEleven live performance dashboards to track accomplishments, contests, and motivate salespeople.
  3. Using Enplug’s digital signage software on displays in the sales area and office locations.

This case study will focus on the third step of the process – using Enplug to create a productive digital workplace.

TV screen at Paycor offices powered by Enplug with team members' service anniversaries

Implementing Enplug at Paycor

LevelEleven automatically connects to Salesforce to gamify the sales process and encourage sales teams to focus on the metrics that matter most. With animated performance scorecards, live contests, and team rankings, LevelEleven dashboards help motivate sales teams at Paycor and many other global organizations.

Instead of asking sales reps to visit a computer to view their LevelEleven performance, the Paycor team wanted a way to visually broadcast these metrics across the office. Initially, Vass and his team connected a PC to a TV screen in the office. However, the team grew frustrated when the computer needed to install updates and restart, causing the LevelEleven dashboards to crash.

As the team was quickly growing and adding more TVs, Vass knew the PC solution was not scalable. He began to look for a more permanent solution. Paycor’s IT team first chose a different digital signage provider, but the team had trouble setting it up and making it look good.

Vass contacted LevelEleven, who recommended that he try Enplug. After an initial call, Vass started a free trial with an Enplug digital signage media player. Once his IT team adjusted firewall settings, it took him “less than five minutes” to get up and running with content on a display in his office. The Enplug device comes with everything needed to connect it to any display, and works with WiFi or ethernet.

According to Vass:

The first time I logged into the Enplug Web Dashboard, I saw how different it was from the other digital signage systems I’ve seen. I was able to quickly get my LevelEleven sales data onto my screens, along with other engaging content from the Enplug App Market.

Brian Vass at Paycor using Enplug's digital signage content management dashboard in the digital workplace

After a successful trial, Vass began to roll out Enplug to more displays: 16 screens in Paycor’s Cincinnati headquarters, and several more in their St. Louis, Chicago, Charlotte, and San Francisco offices. Vass shared Enplug management access with 35 Paycor employees, allowing them to manage content on the company’s displays.

How Paycor Uses Enplug

LevelEleven Leaderboards

LevelEleven uses Salesforce data to create animated, eye-catching leaderboards and scorecards that motivate SDRs and sales teams. Paycor uses many different LevelEleven dashboards to show performance company-wide, per-team, and on an individual level.

Paycor employees looking at LevelEleven sales leaderboards on Enplug

It’s simple to display LevelEleven leaderboards on TVs using Enplug’s Webpage App. This app allows users to input any web URL and show it on their screens, and includes options for content scheduling, periodic refreshing, and automatically logging into password protected pages.

Jeff Weaver, Director of Sales at Paycor, describes the effectiveness of office leaderboards in sales, says:

Salespeople by nature are extremely competitive. So, anytime I post any sort of stack ranking or when we run contests and I put up leaderboards to let people know where they stand, it always grabs the sales team’s attention and they’re sure to take notice.

Metrics Dashboards

Paycor uses Klipfolio to show live metrics dashboards with marketing and sales data from social media campaigns, Google Analytics, and Salesforce. Enplug’s Webpage App makes it simple to deploy Klipfolio dashboards across multiple offices.

Announcements, News, and Company Information

Paycor uses 14 of Enplug’s Apps for Displays to share different types of engaging content and information. They stay on top of the latest news coverage using our News in Pictures and Business News Apps. The Startup Vitamins motivational posters and Daily Motivation App encourage the team with visual inspiring content.

A technology news feed in the offices at Paycor running on Enplug

The Paycor team uses Enplug’s Graphics App to rotate reminders, announcements, team photos, cafeteria menus, and lots of funny memes.

Combining entertaining and useful content is a key part of the digital workplace strategy: Get people to look at the funny content so they stay and notice the important information.

According to Rachel Foster, Corporate Communications Analyst at Paycor:

That’s what keeps people engaged. They see something fun, it captures their attention, and then it switches to something more serious that we want them to see.

Results of Using Enplug

Revenue Growth

Since implementing Enplug, the Inside Sales team at Paycor has enjoyed consecutive record-breaking quarters in sales. Although we can’t take credit for all that growth, Vass has noticed that Enplug has made a difference, saying:

Our salespeople love to see their picture flash up on the screen when they achieve a goal. It helps reinforce our culture and keep morale high. Enplug has helped get the team performing to goal by keeping the Inside Sales team focused, motivated, and engaged.

Cost Savings

In any business, time is money. Paycor’s previous digital signage system required extensive IT resources to install and manage. With Enplug, marketing and sales team managers can directly control the content on screens without needing any training or IT help.

In addition, Foster says:

When I first started using Enplug, it was very easy. I jumped online and signed in, was set up very quickly, and from there, I’ve just kind of experimented – and had a lot of fun doing so.

Compared to the previous digital signage system, Enplug’s low-priced media players are much more affordable to scale across many screens.

Ongoing Sales Training

Paycor is an innovative company that frequently launches new features and improvements. As at any company, busy salespeople can overlook internal emails or Intranet messages.

Once they started using Enplug, Paycor’s management teams in Product Development and Sales were able to easily share important training announcements and product updates across the organization. By using Enplug as an ongoing training module, the Paycor team provides continual 24/7 education for their teams that is available at a glance.

Paycor uses Enplug in their digital workplace to provide ongoing sales training by showing announcements on digital signage.

Improved Team Communications and Culture

Using Enplug displays at Paycor has helped to align teams across multiple locations without relying on internal email blasts. Today, Paycor teammates across the US can see the same vital information and announcements at a glance – no matter where they are.

Paycor employees can post photos of their team activities and weekend hobbies to an internal social media hashtag on Instagram and see it on Enplug screens in their offices. Managers can also share entertaining images across offices, building a shared sense of team culture.

Foster also says:

It’s been nice to be able to just drop the same slides on TVs across our offices and have an owner at each office location who can add content specific to their team.

Enplug displays also make Paycor offices more welcoming for visitors. When important guests come in to the office, the Paycor team can quickly create and schedule slides using the Simple Sign App.


Using Enplug displays in their digital workplace helps Paycor keep their teams motivated and informed while fostering a shared culture across office locations. Sharing information in a visual format and combining it with some fun elements increases employee engagement.

Enplug’s modern digital signage motivates and connects teams in digital workplaces around the world. Check out our enterprise internal communications case study and request a demo if you’re ready to take your organization’s communications to the next level.