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Enplug’s technology is a visual communications solution for any business, from a small firm looking to engage their staff to a global organization that needs to communicate with employees across multiple offices. This case study explores why and how Meltwater uses Enplug throughout their 50 global offices for enterprise internal communications.

enterprise internal communications

About Meltwater

Meltwater is the global leader in media intelligence. Their platform helps customers stay on top of billions of online conversations, extract relevant insights, and use them to strategically drive brand perception for their company.

Meltwater is headquartered in San Francisco with over 50 beautiful offices across the US, Europe, Africa, India, China, and Australia. The company culture is based on three core values: having fun, striving to be Number One, and treating colleagues and customers with respect.

The Challenge

For Belén Alemán, Internal Communications & Culture Manager for Meltwater, keeping all 1,200 employees in the loop is a constant challenge. Alemán already uses an internal blog, emails, video, and is developing a mobile “Culture App” for employees.

enterprise internal communications

However, Alemán was looking for a communications tool to keep 50 global offices continuously connected and aligned with Meltwater’s culture:

I wanted to visually connect all of our offices in an easy and fun way. It’s important for all employees to feel included in what’s happening around the company and be able to see these updates in real-time. Ideally, I wanted to be able to promote our culture and values, our external blog, and also showcase important company and sales metrics.

As a solution to these challenges, Meltwater began testing Enplug’s digital signage software in their offices in February 2016.

How Meltwater uses Enplug

Once Alemán started testing Enplug, she was surprised by what a difference it made over prior digital signage solutions.

Enplug’s service is cost effective, easy to install and manage, ships all over the world, and adapts to different network requirements and display types, which was important since not all of our offices can afford fancy screens.

I was also looking for a way to make our displays feel welcoming, but also have them be engaging. We have many visitors stop by our headquarters each week, so this was important.

enterprise internal communications

Meltwater’s offices each have several displays in the front entrance and sales areas, and they make use of our digital signage software with Instagram Photo Wall, Graphics App, News App, and Webpage App.

Instagram Photo Wall

Meltwater shows live, automatically-filtered streams of posts with the hashtag #meltwaterlife, which is designed to encourage employees to share their photos on Enplug screens. The stream is filled with employees’ birthdays, photos from team events, and celebrations of milestones, and it has been a huge success.

According to Thomas Smeallie, Managing Director for Client Acquisition in the Miami office,

Enplug has really helped connect our office to others around the world. We consistently stream Instagram photos from the #meltwaterlife hashtag, and enjoy seeing clients from around the world sign-on and renew with Meltwater on our stream of the day’s contracts. Enplug really helps make the Miami office feel like a part of the bigger, global Meltwater picture!

Meltwater enterprise internal communications

Graphics App

Meltwater’s communications team uses Enplug’s Graphics App to share fun photos of employees, preview upcoming features with short videos, and recognize contest winners. Due to the simplicity and speed of adding photos and videos to many screens, the Graphics App has become a key part of Meltwater’s enterprise internal communications.

Meltwater enterprise internal communications

News Feeds

The News App shows a stream of the latest posts from Meltwater’s external blog, helping to promote the blog internally and keeping employees informed about the latest content they can share with clients and prospects. Having the same live view on Meltwater news helps teams around the world stay connected:

Jonathon Coleman, Business Improvement & Strategy, Australia & New Zealand, says:

Coming from Australia, Enplug has provided unique and unprecedented access to global initiatives and events taking place in real-time. Enplug has enabled the Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane offices to showcase our cultural identity that will reach to the furthest parts of the Meltwater globe.


With the Webpage App, Meltwater’s team can show company metrics and performance dashboards to drive results and build internal transparency. Their leaderboards highlight individual and team performance and show recently closed deals. The dashboards show live metrics that are relevant to each location’s growth, combined with data from the company overall.

enterprise internal communications

How Meltwater Implemented Enplug

Because of their scale, Meltwater implemented a staged rollout, initially ordering Enplug Devices for their San Francisco headquarters. After testing and peer reviewing Enplug in the lobby, break rooms, and sales areas, the team decided to roll out displays to the rest of their other offices.

The next step was to order devices and directly ship them to each office location. Some locations already had TV screens installed, while others purchased screens to use with Enplug. 


Meltwater uses Enplug’s tagging and scheduling features to easily manage apps and content across their displays. Users tag all their screens with specific codes for each city, region, and continent, making it simple to add content to all displays in any location with just a few clicks.

User Management

In addition to Alemán, 20 Meltwater employees log in to Enplug to manage content as either Admin or Limited users. Admin users can push content out to displays across the entire network, while Limited users can only manage content on the displays to which they’re given access. Each office location has at least one Limited user who can arrange local content.

One benefit of Enplug’s user management and simple interface is that new managers can quickly be brought up to speed.

Vincy Kwong, a Client Analyst Manager in Hong Kong, writes:

We love Enplug and how well the content displays. It helps to keep us updated about [regional] and company-related activities. Also, the platform is very easy to manage on the back end.

The Results

Showing clear, compelling visual communications across their global offices means the Meltwater team is more connected than ever before. Using Enplug’s suite of engaging Apps for Displays, combined with our simple enterprise content management system, made it simple for Alemán to quickly roll out the entire solution:

Enplug helped me to solve many of the challenges I was facing in connecting our teams around the world.

Screen Shot 2016-08-22 at 1.14.41 PM

As for the impact of Enplug’s enterprise internal communications technology on Meltwater’s global employees, we think Saya Suetsugu, Marketing & Communications in Japan, wraps it up well:

Enplug has helped our teams to feel better connected with what is happening at Meltwater outside of our own offices. We have content streaming from HQ as well as Instagram feeds where we can see photos from other employees around the world. You often hear people say “I know that person!” while watching the screens.

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