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The school district of Palmdale, California, turned to Enplug for timely, consistent and engaging communications with students, parents and teachers across the district’s 30 schools. Jim Smith, Palmdale (CA) School District Manager of Information Services, talked about why the district chose Enplug digital signage:

We were struggling to find a way to manage content on TV screens across our district. We wanted school district digital signage that was secure, easy for our team to manage, and education-friendly.

He said, “Other digital signage systems had convoluted interfaces. Enplug impressed us with its ease of use, powerful web interface, and valuable features.”

Smith also discussed the cost advantage of using Enplug for the 30 screens in the Palmdale School District He explained that a single LED marquee sign can cost $30,000 while Enplug is much more cost-effective.

The district now uses Enplug to power content on 30 TV screens — one installed in each school — and all controlled from a central location.

Palmdale school district digital signage

Palmdale School District Web Master Lana Samaroo said:

With Enplug we can easily put up content and swap it out. This makes Enplug a slam dunk.

Before the district started using Enplug, the district used to print and hang posters in each school – which was time-consuming and costly. Now with Enplug, the district can remotely update all 30 monitors in a few minutes. Another asset of using Enplug is that the school district is saving on print costs, and it also decreases the environmental impact by using digital screens instead of posters.

Web master Samaroo builds all slides for the TV screens in each Palmdale school location. She explained that, for example, some junior highs have up to 30 electives and she makes slides for each elective.

Samaroo also uses Enplug to share slides for:

  • Assembly announcements and events
  • Keeping everyone informed of all the fabulous programs that the district offers
  • Special programs and community resources

Palmdale school district fundraiser

With Enplug, Samaroo said, the district’s students and parents know what resources are available and they are better connected to the community at large.

“We get absolutely great feedback from our digital signage,” Samaroo said. “I really believe in the product. Maybe once I’m retired I’ll still go in and manage the system.”

Then Smith talked about how consistent the content is now across the district. “Each location can send content to Samaroo, who creates a work of art and gets it on screen.”

Samaroo added, “I can’t say enough about the Enplug product — so easy to use. Last minute if someone asks for an announcement to go up, I can do it in minutes.”

“It works for us,” Smith said.

In summary, Enplug is a key tool for the Palmdale school district to keep students, parents and teachers informed in real time.

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