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Restaurant digital signage has taken off in the past several years, and chains and small businesses alike are getting increasingly creative with how they use their displays to entice, entertain and help their customers.

So today, we’re rounding up a few of our favorite innovative examples of bar, fast casual and restaurant digital signage examples that are attractive, innovative and go beyond the standard digital menu board we’ve grown accustomed to seeing.

These examples of restaurant digital signage are also useful to customers, which is why they’ve made our top four. Check them out!

Pizza Hut interactive tabletop

1. Pizza Hut | Technology: Interactive Tabletops

Pizza Hut’s latest digital signage software technology might actually make you want to eat at the restaurant rather than simply ordering delivery. The chain’s interactive tabletops, created in partnership with Chaotic Moon Studios, allows diners to create their own custom pizzas at the table, using simple swipe and gesture motions to change the size of the pizza, add or remove toppings and place an order. Pizza Hut just got cool.

Why it works: The technology is an attraction all its own, and it ensures customers’ pizzas come out perfect every time.

Zipps Sports Grill

2. Zipps Sports Grill | Technology: Moveable Video Grid

The screens at this popular spot near Arizona State University are more versatile than your typical college sports bar TVs. Each of the nine screens can display different content when there are lots of games on, but when there’s a big game, the screens can be joined together in grid formation for maximum impact. The mounting system that separates the TVs is one-of-a-kind, with motor controls that move the TVs to different locations as needed. No matter what formation the screens are in, they’re pretty eye-catching, and they make the bar a go-to destination when the Sun Devils are playing.

Why it works: The bar has versatile options to choose from when deciding what to put on their TVs, and patrons love it.

Digital signage for bars case study

3. Taps Social House & Kitchen | Technology: Enplug

This San Francisco watering hole wanted a way to engage patrons and increase word-of-mouth about their business, so they showcased a live feed of their customers’ social media posts on a display behind the bar. The screen pulls filtered content from Twitter and Instagram that includes the bar’s hashtag, and visitors get the instant gratification of seeing their pictures and tweets appear on-screen. (Hint: Enplug’s software also makes it easy to create an engaging digital menu board and has an awesome new Waitlist app.)

Why it works: The display encourages customers to do the bar’s social media marketing for them—and the customers have fun doing it. Win-win.

Burger King suggestive sell

4. Burger King | Technology: Suggestive Sell Displays

Okay, so this is a fast food chain, but Burger King’s suggestive sell displays have an oddly simple appeal to them that has potential far beyond the drive-thru. The flashing LED signs are quirky and eye-catching—we could easily see these in a number of local fast casuals hoping to encourage an add-on at the point of purchase. The sign comes with display surround panels for promotional content (like images of the food item) that are easy to switch out. The technology is seemingly low-fi, which makes it an inexpensive option for a product its maker claims increases sales on the suggested product by an average of 40%. Not bad.

Why it works: It’s small, it’s relatively cheap, and it can be placed just about anywhere to encourage patrons to indulge in a little extra something.

What food & drink establishments have impressed you with their integration of digital signage?

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