Acquisition adds on-demand video production and an online video marketing platform to the Company’s suite of Digital Marketing Services, allowing customers to bridge the gap between online and offline content.

Tampa, Fla. – June 19, 2019

Spectrio, one of the nation’s leading providers of in-store marketing solutions powered by content and technology, announced today that it has acquired Media Distribution Solutions (MDS), a leader in low-cost, on-demand video creation based in Plano, Texas. The acquisition builds upon Spectrio’s marketing technology suite, further accelerating the Company’s capability to provide content at scale across avenues both online and on-site.

Today, small and medium businesses utilizing MDS’ on-demand custom video can distribute their content online, on social media, on television, and through other digital distribution channels. With the acquisition, these businesses will now have the opportunity to leverage Spectrio’s in-store digital platform to deliver their content inside their location, allowing them to bridge online marketing and on-location experience to strengthen brand consistency and identity.

“Delivering a consistent marketing message both online and in-store is key for any business in order to build trust and loyalty with their customers,” said Dax Brady-Sheehan, Chief Executive Officer at Spectrio. “This acquisition allows us to offer our customers fresh, turnkey, personalized video content they can integrate across the entire shopper journey.”

MDS has produced and delivered more than 500,000 videos for small and medium businesses worldwide using their proprietary full-service video technology platform. In addition to its high-quality, scalable and customizable video content, MDS’ platform enables clients to track the video creation process, as well as manage online video campaigns and monitor customer data. Spectrio plans to fully integrate the MDS platform into its own proprietary platform.

With MDS, Spectrio will continue to serve clients from local businesses to large brands, while seamlessly unifying online marketing experiences and in-person brand experiences with content and technology. Spectrio’s in-store marketing technologies include Digital Signage, Interactive Kiosks, and Wi-Fi Marketing, as well as In-Store Music and Marketing, On-Hold Marketing, and Scent Marketing – all designed to drive consumer behavior.

About Spectrio

Spectrio is one of the nation’s leading providers of in-store marketing solutions powered by content and technology. Known for cultivating highly engaging consumer experiences through powerful, professionally produced content, Spectrio’s major technology solutions include: Digital Signage, Interactive Kiosks, Wi-Fi Marketing, In-Store Music and Marketing, On-Hold Marketing, and Scent Marketing. Spectrio serves more than 90,000 locations, ranging from individually owned businesses to Fortune 500 companies.  For more information, visit