With the acquisition, the Company demonstrates its commitment to innovation and expansion of the digital signage industry, by investing in thought leadership, knowledge, and expertise 

Tampa, Fla. – September 14, 2021 Spectrio, one of the nation’s leading providers of comprehensive digital signage solutions, announced that it has acquired Sixteen:Nine, a digital signage blog and podcast produced by industry veteran, David Haynes. 

Sixteen:Nine has been covering the digital signage industry since 2006, and is well-known for Haynes’ unique take on news and analysis for an industry audience. Business owners and network managers also follow Sixteen:Nine for in-depth insight, recommendations, and other digital signage commentary.   

As Spectrio continues to expand its presence across more than 150,000 client locations, the acquisition will allow the Company to further develop innovative digital solutions for enterprise clients, while contributing to the growth and enrichment of the digital signage industry as a whole. Through the acquisition, Spectrio will also gain a holistic view of the digital signage landscape, including trends and opportunities that will benefit its clients. 

“As one of the largest digital signage providers in the U.S., we know the industry is perpetually growing and evolving. Spectrio is proud to support that growth by investing in innovation and the overall enrichment and improvement of the industry,” said Staisey Divorski, vice president of marketing at Spectrio. “David Haynes’ unique voice has always been at the leading edge in digital signage, and we are excited to bring his knowledge and expertise to the team so we can continue to propel the industry to new heights together.”

“I have been producing Sixteen:Nine for more than 15 years, and I am still amazed that I could turn my opinion into a thriving business that defined my later-stage career,” said Sixteen:Nine founding editor David Haynes. “But I’ve had to juggle a lot of other jobs – like consulting and ghostwriting – to make it really work.” 

Haynes says bringing Sixteen:Nine into Spectrio’s group of companies means he’s no longer a one-person show. “I can’t count the number of times companies have contacted me, and asked if I could have someone from my team get back to them. Then I’ve told them, ‘Well, I’m the team.’ Now, I have the support of Spectrio’s leadership team and the company’s broad multimedia capabilities.”

Both Sixteen:Nine and its companion weekly podcast will continue to look and read as normal, with Haynes remaining as its editor and primary writer. Started in 2006, Sixteen:Nine has developed into the widely read and respected resource in the emerging digital signage industry, with an ever-growing archive of articles. With almost 8,200 posts and 250-plus podcasts, it’s both a history of the industry and a deeply-informed and frank look at its current state and its future.

About Spectrio

Spectrio is a leading provider of comprehensive digital signage solutions that empowers clients to transform their business locations into modern, dynamic destinations for customers and employees. Headquartered in Tampa, Fla., and founded in 2002, Spectrio serves over 150,000 franchise and enterprise locations in multiple industries, including quick-service restaurants, automotive, healthcare, and financial services. With supporting offerings geared towards Overhead Music, On-Hold Messaging, WiFi Marketing, and more, Spectrio offers businesses a complete customer engagement solution at scale. For more information, visit www.Spectrio.com.