A showroom is where customers experience products. It’s where they become immersed in a brand and get a hands-on opportunity to examine a company’s offerings, quality, and character.

So a showroom layout must be designed to give customers the best experience possible. It must guide customers to products they want and information they need while providing a unique experience that makes the brand stand out from competitors.

Designing this type of useful, entertaining, and memorable showroom experience can be created by incorporating a simple element — digital signage.  

What To Display On Digital Signs in Your Showroom

Digital signs are a powerful tool for conveying information to customers while providing them with an elevated experience in a showroom.

Digital screens can be incorporated into a showroom layout to share engaging graphics and videos related to:

  • Current promotions and upcoming sales
  • Upsell packages and add-ons
  • Product demos
  • Maps and directions to navigate the store
  • Social media feeds
  • Testimonials
  • Interviews
  • Lifestyle clips that match your target audience
  • Branded videos
  • Music videos
  • Contest information

Digital screens can also allow customers to get involved. Interactive digital signs enable users to interact with and control content which is perfect for:

  • Product search and look-up — so customers can research products on the spot
  • Assisting with wayfinding — so visitors can get custom directions
  • Collecting contact information — so users can enter their info to get coupons or participate in contests (and you can collect their contact info)
  • Entertaining waiting guests — so they can pass the time using screens to play games or choose custom entertainment

A showroom layout needs to provide an exceptional experience that guides customers toward purchases and provides a positive brand experience that leads them to come back for more. Digital signage helps provide that experience.

Where To Place Digital Signs In a Showroom

A showroom layout has many locations where you can utilize digital signs.

Facing Out of a Display Window. Your audience doesn’t always need to be in your showroom. You can place a digital screen facing out of your display windows to catch the attention of people who walk past your store.

Outside of Your Front Door. You can take it one step further by using digital signs to catch the attention of people as they walk past your location by placing a sign outside of your store. An engaging screen near your entrance can lure in new customers.

Inside of Your Front Door. Signs can guide shoppers to the store and then greet them. Place digital screens with promotions, maps, and important messages on displays that shoppers see as soon as they walk through your front door.

Above Walkways. Continue to direct and engage shoppers in your store by using digital screens above walkways throughout your location. This is especially helpful in large department stores or showrooms because signs can offer additional directions to shoppers.

As Wall Coverings. An oversized digital screen or series of digital screens can create a useful focal point in your store as a wall covering. The screen will act as a decor element while providing engaging information about your brand, product, or services.

On End-Caps. Customers often overlook long, uninterrupted isles. So create breaks in your rows of shelves by adding end caps. Then, use digital screens on those end caps to provide another element to catch the shopper’s attention.

In Product Displays. Use digital screens with general information on end-caps, and then incorporate screens with specific information in product displays. Adding digital screens with product demo videos is a great way to highlight products and engage shoppers.

Near Check-out Lines. Customers often find themselves at a standstill while waiting in line to check-out. This is the perfect time to capture their attention by showing upcoming promos and upsell packages. Signs near check-out lines don’t necessarily need to be salesy. You can also use them simply to entertain guests while they wait.

Near Seating Areas. If you have a comfortable seating area where shoppers or those accompanying a shopper can sit down and take a break, add a digital screen to that area. It entertains waiting guests and provides an opportunity to advertise to people already in your store.

While setting up your showroom, consider the places where your customers spend time and the spots where their eyes are drawn. Add digital signs to those locations to improve your showroom layout.

What Digital Screen Size Fits Into Your Showroom Layout

When deciding where to place your digital signage, you must also factor in screen size.

If you choose too small of a screen size, your customers won’t be able to clearly receive your message. On the other hand, if you choose too large of a screen size, your message will be too obnoxious to be noticed.

At Spectrio, we recommend choosing your screen size based on the following measurements.

We also recommend that you first choose the placement of your screens and then purchase the appropriate screen size, not the other way around. It’s better to strategically place your signs rather than cram screens into locations simply because that is where they fit.

You want your showroom layout to provide a useful, entertaining, and memorable experience for your customers. Through the use of digital signage, you can provide that and more by offering an engaging content platform that both helps and entertains guests.


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