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Member experience is becoming the most important differentiator for coworking spaces to remain competitive, and digital signage is an effective way to boost that experience. Digital display technology can visually inform members, build an inclusive culture, and cultivate an inspiring coworking space.

“As the coworking industry matures, the member experience will be a major differentiator among spaces…members will expect seamless experiences and technology that just lets them get to work without a lot of hassle.”
– Jamie RussoExecutive Director of the Global Workspace Association and Enerspace Coworking Founder

Let’s take a look at the impacts of digital signage in coworking spaces:

But First, Where?

To get the most impact, a good rule of thumb to follow is placing digital signage in areas with the highest foot traffic and visibility. We suggest:

  • In your lobby/reception area
  • By elevators, stairs, and restrooms
  • TV screens in meeting and conference rooms (members can simply change the input on these screens when they need to run presentations)

To get up and running, you’ll just need to connect a digital signage media player to each of your screens. If you have multiple locations, you should appoint designated users to manage and update your content in each location.

Now, we’re ready to dive into the 8 best ways to take advantage of your coworking space’s digital real estate.

8 Benefits of Coworking Digital Signage

1. Inspire and Motivate

Displaying artwork around the office can improve working productivity, efficiency, and creativity. It’s also an easy way to make your coworking space look great. Rotate an eye-catching selection of motivational graphics and signs to inspire your members with digital artwork. You can choose from Enplug’s 20 free Startup Vitamins motivational posters to get started!

coworking digital signage

2. Create Social Buzz

Use real-time social media apps like Enplug’s Instagram Wall to internally engage members and generate impressions. Branded hashtags will encourage members to post to your social media platforms. The more involved your members are, the more connection they will feel to your space and to each other. Social media engagement is also an effortless way to organically market your brand outside the coworking space. The more social media activity, the more impressions, the more members!

coworking digital signage
The Instagram Wall at Enerspace Coworking Palo Alto

3. Connect Like-Minded Coworkers

Connect members by spotlighting individuals, showcasing accomplishments, and sharing opportunities using tools like Enplug’s Simple Sign app. Share announcements like:

  • Congrats to our very own Jane Doe’s new bundle of joy! 
  • Free massages in the conference room today at 4 PM
  • John Smith’s feature is out now on Forbes.com

Recognizing milestones and encouraging collaboration will make your members feel valued and included. Check out Enplug’s Mike Lanni and Colin Bovet on the Everything Coworking Podcast for additional insight on how to build community using digital signage.

4. Share the Latest Industry News

Keep your members up-to-date with the latest news and trending stories. Enplug’s News App pulls excerpts of articles from major publications and the latest in tech, sports, or entertainment. You can also showcase snippets of your company’s blogs or newsletters to drive higher attention rate.

coworking digital signage

5. Display Digital Billboards

Draw attention to your own office’s services by up-selling desk availabilities or displaying special deals and upcoming events. To avoid over-saturation, schedule ads to run during a specific timeframe or only on certain displays (in the reception area, for example). You can also feature discounts from local vendors for products and services relevant to your members.

coworking digital signage

6. Organize your Meeting Room Scheduling

Do your members occupy meeting rooms that have already been booked or bother your staff to ask about reservations? Simply display a live digital schedule showing availability across all your rooms, or use screens in each conference room to show that room’s status. Enplug’s Calendar App allows you to link multiple Google calendars and automatically show upcoming meetings.

coworking digital signage

7. Go Email-Free

Stop barraging your members with internal emails for every announcement. Instead, communicate important information visually throughout your space using graphics and announcements. You can feature:

  • Important information, announcements, and reminders
  • Surveys asking members for feedback
  • Incentivized participation in office contests

Shifting notifications away from the inbox and onto screens can significantly streamline communications in the coworking space.

coworking digital signage
Enterprise5280 of Denver, CO encourages members to follow their social media.

8. Empower Events

Enhance your next networking event, training program or entrepreneurial get-together. Digital displays can help you:

  • Engage guests using live social media feeds
  • Direct attendees with digital directories and meeting room schedules
  • Spotlight specific VIPs members would be eager to meet
  • Stream graphics to share key info and recognize event sponsors
coworking digital signage
WeWork uses Enplug’s software on 850 screens worldwide.

Curious about how Enplug can transform your coworking space? Contact us to find out more!