The Top 5 Uses for Video Walls

All content looks better on the big screen, or should we say big screens? There is no comparison between a regular digital sign and an entire video wall that guarantees to get your content noticed. Each company has its own needs for their video wall deployment. Based on which content needs to be communicated, they work with their digital signage solution provider to decide which video wall use will work best.

Top Video Wall Uses Digital Signage

1. Full-Screen Visuals

It’s no surprise that this use is the most obvious, as well as the most popular. Video walls impress viewers with large-scale graphics or videos displayed on multiple screens, creating a digital visual that goes beyond the current size of a single sign display. Contemporary lobbies can project stunning visuals that even include live TV onto their video walls.

Data Vizualization Digital Signage Video Wall

2. Data Communications

These deployments are popular in airports and manufacturing sites where charts of data are constantly displayed. Flight times and status reports become easier to spot and read when spaced out over multiple high-definition screens. Video walls also aid in displaying data because they are able to show large amounts of information that is visible to many people at the same time.

Multiple Screens Video Wall Digital Signage

3. One Source Per Screen

Multiple screens = multiple content outlets. Showing different content per display can be incredibly helpful in corporations that utilize the signs for presentations. Content can be triggered to change from mobile devices. The best part is most of these deployments only require one player.

Interactive Touch Screen Video Wall Digital Sigange

4. Interactivity

Bring your viewers into a virtual reality where they can interact with their surroundings. Embedding touch points into the signage content takes your video wall from flat to an immersive world.

Social Media Video Wall Digital Signage

5. Social Media Boards

Have social media accounts to promote your organization? Bring that content into your site via social media boards. Video walls display multiple social media feeds at once, allowing viewers to see posts from the site of their choice.