In the auto industry, body shops, service centers, and dealerships can all reap rewards from using digital signage within their location.

From waiting rooms to back offices to showrooms, digital signs and interactive media can position your business to outshine competitors, better promote your products and services, and most importantly, bring in more revenue.

Here are just a few of the ways that digital signage in the auto industry can drive more sales.

Encourage Customers to Go For a Ride

When customers walk into your dealership, welcome them to meet your fleet by featuring vehicles in large-format videos on your showroom walls.

Seeing a vehicle in action and performing at its best — such as driving through curvy mountain tops or navigating through desert sand dunes — will help customers see the utility and benefits of the vehicle. The visual will help them see themselves in the car and make them want to jump in for a test drive.

Plus, if you have a variety of vehicle styles, you can run multiple screens throughout your showroom to show the unique features of each and help guide customers through their decision-making process.

Communicate With Customers Who Don’t Like Salespeople

Some customers will come through the doors of showroom looking to haggle with a salesperson and wheel and deal to get the best price. These people love interacting with salespeople and playing the sales game.

But just as many (if not more) customers will come through and not don’t want to be bothered with the pressure of a salesperson.

According to the Next Generation Car Buyer Study by, most Millennials will go out of their way to avoid salespeople because they dislike high-pressure sales tactics.

While this generation (which is large and growing) does enjoy browsing dealerships and researching their options, they don’t like to feel forced into a purchasing decision. Digital signage, interactive media, and video displays allow your dealership to reach the shoppers that want to browse and learn, but not necessarily interact with a salesperson.

Alleviate Customer Confusion or Resistance

When it comes to maintenance, many vehicle owners aren’t sure what services they actually need. They are also frequently skeptical about the validity of their service needs and the advice of mechanics.

This lack of education and hesitation is often a detriment to customers. Without understanding why they need a service, they are more likely to turn it down and experience problems with their vehicle down the road.

But digital signage can help you educate customers so they don’t make that mistake. A variety of  platforms can be used to walk customers through the service so they understand its importance and necessity.

  • Interactive kiosks can serve as a resource center where customers can search for their vehicle and recommended maintenance servicing.
  • Videos on display in the waiting room can offer information on why certain maintenance is important and required.
  • Customer service reps can use videos screens (hand-held or wall displays) to explain what and why customers need a certain service.

By educating customers and encouraging them to get the services their vehicle needs, you will better serve your customer while keeping them safe and bringing in extra revenue for your business.

Easily Manage and Create New Promotions

Changing out a promotion, creating new marketing materials, and revising your offerings can be an expensive and tedious task.

But failing to launch new promotions and offerings based on customer need and inventory can hold your business back from driving sales. So, you need to regularly switch out and add new promos to keep customers interested and inventory moving.

With digital signage, revising your promotions is simple and affordable.

You can easily update your display boards in real-time to promote sales on overstocked items, highlight new seasonal products, and advertise new promotions and specials.

Create Long-term Customer Loyalty & Brand Recognition

From body shops to dealerships to service centers, the auto industry is competitive. To stand out from the competition, your brand needs to deliver an exceptional and memorable experience to your customers.

Digital signage allows you to create a unique, inviting, and impressive experience from the minute your customers walk through the door.

  • Welcome kiosks allow customers to quickly check-in and expedite wait times.
  • Private Label television shows, customized to meet the interests of your audience demographics, will entertain customers while they wait and decrease their perceived wait time.
  • Custom videos will highlight your brand through content that offers an inside look at your business, services, location, and team.
  • Interactive digital catalogs and video demonstrations will entertain and educate customers while helping your brand stand out from your competitors.
  • Branded frames around your television programming and content will keep your brand in front of your audience, helping to leave lasting impressions.
  • Custom programming, instead of regular televisions channels, will allow you to control content and keep competitor’s advertising away from your customers.
  • Digital displays will notify customers on their estimated wait time and notify them when their service is complete.

Each time you deliver engaging, entertaining, and educational content to your customers, you position your brand as an authority in your industry, reinforce your branding, and help differentiate your brand from your competitors.

Encourage Your Sales Team

In addition to engaging and motivating your customers, digital signs can be used to engage and motivate your staff.

If your business and employees thrive on competition, digital signs are an excellent tool for displaying sales leaderboards. Updated in real-time, the signs can keep your sales team motivated as they see their goals and challenges prominently displayed in the sales office.

These are just a few of the ways that you can use digital signage can drive sales in the auto industry. Want to learn even more about how your auto business can leverage digital signage to motivate customers and staff and set your brand apart?

Download our guide “Everything You Need to Know When Deciding if Digital Signage is Right for Your Business.” This guide will give you a complete look at the full capabilities of digital signage and help you decide if it is right for your unique business and goals.