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Launched in 2010, Sphero makes “connected entertainment robots” that are taking the toy industry by storm. To keep their team connected to their brand and foster internal office communications, the Sphero team uses Enplug screens in their offices.

Sphero is a Boulder, Colorado based company that makes toys controlled by any smartphone or tablet. Sphero’s toys, like the Sphero robotic ball and the Ollie driving robot, are the first of their kind. The company recently raised $45 million in funding, to further accelerate their product development and global expansion.

Sphero robotics
Sphero’s smartphone controlled robotic ball. (Image via RobotShop).

Sphero wanted to make better use of their existing digital displays in their office, and also fulfill their internal communications needs. They found Enplug’s technology to be a “neat solution”, with its engaging apps, social media capabilities, wide functionality and automation.

Sphero uses Enplug’s software to power screens in their offices, including at the main entrance for everyone to see throughout the day. They’re able to inform their team on matters regarding the company, products and customers – all on just a few screens.

Sphero uses Enplug in their lobby for internal office communications with customers' social media walls, activation maps, and more.
Enplug powering the displays in Sphero’s main lobby.

Using Enplug’s Social Media Wall app, Sphero captures what customers are saying about them using branded hashtags, and then showcases it on their screens. It allows employees to see the latest feedback and thoughts from customers, in real-time.

“Enplug helps us get feedback and be directly involved with our clients and customers’ input, their thoughts, and the culture around our product and company.”
– Nir Nagar, IT Manager, Sphero

The Sphero team created a live map of the world that lights up each time a new Sphero toy is “born,” or activated, and they use Enplug’s Web Page app to feature this map in the office. Displaying the map builds excitement about new customers and shows the team their global growth. The Graphics & Video app is another way Sphero keeps their team excited about the company, using the app to feature promotional graphics for the brand and new products.

Enplug powers internal office communications at Sphero by showing customers' social media posts on live instagram walls in their offices.
Sphero “sets and forgets” their displays’ content through customer tweets and Instagram photos.

A major benefit of Enplug for Sphero is the ability to “set and forget” their content, letting it run for weeks on end as it automatically updates with the latest social posts and product activations. Content is kept fresh and engaging, without the hassle of constantly updating it.

As Sphero continues to grow, the company will rely on Enplug to better connect their team with their brand and customers using their displays.

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