Most patients don’t look forward to their next medical appointment. Trips to the hospital or the doctor’s office can be an intimidating, stressful, and nerve-racking experience.

So as physicians and office administrators, you must create a warm and engaging office environment that welcomes and relaxes your patients. Comfortable, calm patients will be more receptive to treatment and care and have an improved overall experience at your office or facility.

One way you can immediately improve your patient’s (and visiting family’s) experience is through the use of digital signage.

Digital signage is one element that offers multiple ways to increase patient satisfaction and office experience from the second a patient walks through the door.

Help Patients Find Their Way Faster

interactive wayfinding video

Digital signage and wayfinding displays are excellent ways to both welcome and direct patients.

In large offices or facilities, touch screen maps can help visitors identify where they are and where they need to go, creating an interactive and helpful experience.

Improve and Expedite Patient Check-in

Interactive kiosks allow patients to check-in without waiting for an office representative.

Waiting room signage can also display projected wait times. It has been shown that patients don’t mind their wait as much when they have an idea about how long they will be waiting.

Entertain Patients in Waiting Rooms

Patients are also happier to wait when there is entertainment. 

Digital signage can be used to display a variety a custom programming. From Private TV Networks to custom videos, waiting room entertainment can be tailored to match the needs and interested of your patient demographic.

Educate and Notify Family in Waiting Rooms

Digital signs can also engage family members that may have accompanied a patient to their appointment.

Waiting room programming is great for entertaining these families and helping them pass the time. But it can also serve a bigger purpose.

Digital signage can provide real-time notifications on a patient’s status of treatment. It can also provide educational information about the patient’s needs, treatment, or condition to educate their family about their upcoming situation.

Programming may also share useful information about the facility itself, advising family members where they can find resources like rest areas, cafeterias, and support centers.

patient in exam roomEnhance a Patient’s Experience in Exam Room

When a patient is called from the waiting room to the exam room, their wait may not be over. With digital signage, you can continue to entertain and engage your patient as they wait for the doctor by adding digital signage and custom programming to exam rooms.

Educate a Patient in the Exam Room

Exam room signage can also be used to provide patients with other health-related information and treatment options.

Doctors and staff can also use interactive displays in the exam room to help educated patients about their treatment or condition.

Improve Your Staff’s Abilities

Even the digital signage that your patients don’t see can help enhance their experience.

Your office can use digital signage as a tool to track patient status and as a communication method for training staff. All of which encourage your staff to do a better job which will in turn provide a better experience for your patients.  

Improves the Quality of Care

When you upgrade the tools, appearance, and environment of your office, the improvements will carry over into other areas.

Your staff will feel more empowered, resourceful, and proud. 

Your patients will appreciate the attention to detail you put into providing an exceptional patient experience. They will benefit by feeling more relaxed and calm, putting them in a better mental and physical state to receive care.

You will drastically improve patient satisfaction and comfort by adding something as simple as digital signage throughout your office or facility.  

If you are unsure how the benefits of digital signage can work at your location, a Spectrio specialist cab assess your office space and provide advice on how your unique office can implement digital signage to improve a patient experience and satisfaction.