DS-Growth-01.pngAre you struggling with turning one-time customers into repeat customers? Are you stuck with a stagnant client list that just won’t grow? And are you ready to increase your client base and grow your business?  

Digital signs educate, engage, and even add additional revenue streams for a business. They use videos, graphics, and animations to draw in audiences and encourage them to take action and entertain them while they wait. But they can do even more than that.  

Multimedia display screens can also draw in new business and clients.

From salons and auto shops to doctor’s offices and retailers, businesses can use digital signage to increase their number of regular, repeat customers. So, if you are ready to grow your business and increase your client base, use these digital signage tips to get started.

Cross-Promote with Other Non-Competing Businesses

Digital signage doesn’t always need to be in your location to make an impact.

You can use digital signage as an advertising tool and distribute content on signs posted in other businesses where your target customers or clients spend time.

Partner with other businesses that display digital signage and see how you can work together to cross-promote content. You can display either full-screen ads and content or utilize a content wrapping feature that adds your message in a banner around the main content.  

Place a Sign Outside of Your Location

Another way to use digital signage to bring customers into your location is making your signage visible to people outside of your store.

Place a large screen in a display window to catch the attention of people walking by. Or display a sign on the sidewalk so passerbyers can’t miss it when they come near your store.

Be strategic about the content you show to this audience. Don’t jump right to promos for products or services. Instead, create content that encourage people to stop, watch, and engage.

Introduce New Services

Your business may have customers or clients that come in for one-off services. You can use your signage to capture the attention of these new or irregular customers and turn them into long-term clients.

Place signage in areas where customers wait and display content that introduces other services your audience may not know about.

Promote an Enticing Opt-in

Don’t miss an opportunity to connect with a client who may be stopping in your store for the first time. Use your digital sign to promote opt-ins that ask the audience for their contact information in exchange for a valuable offer.

When you collect a customer’s email address, you create an opportunity to reconnect and offer the customer incentives to return to your location and do more business with you.

Provide opt-ins that customers can’t resist such as:

  • Discount Coupons
  • Free Services
  • Free Events
  • Ebooks or Guides
  • Exclusive Content

Use interactive digital signs that enable your audience to directly enter their information or direct your audience to your website to claim the free offer.

integrate social media into your digital signageHighlight Your Social Sites

Another way to form a deeper connection with a one-time or irregular customer is to encourage them to follow your brand on social media.

When someone follows you on social media, you are able to stay in front of them, keep their attention, and create additional promotion opportunities.

Don’t just ask your audience to follow you. Use creative ways to draw them to your profiles by hosting games that promote social sharing and offering free rewards or bonuses in return for following.

Promote Referral Rewards Programs

Regular clients can also help you increase your client base. You can put your satisfied customers to work and have them lead new customers to you by using signage as a way to promote your referral programs.

Create content that encourages your customers to bring a friend or share a customer code or card with a friend in exchange for a benefit or reward. Use an enticing offer such as:

  • Store Credit
  • Free Sessions
  • Cash
  • Upgrades
  • Free Merchandise
  • Free Month of Service

use digital signage to promote your other locationsShow Off Your Other Locations

Sometimes out of town visitors may stop into your store while on vacation or visiting family and friends. Don’t let them leave your location without seeing how they can do business with you again.

If you have multiple stores or shop locations, share the information on your digitals signs. A one-time customer who enjoyed your service may be happy to find a location closer to their home and return to become a repeat customer.

Provide an Experience That Makes People Want to Return

You can increase your client base by using digital signage to draw more people into your location and form deeper connections with those in your store or office. But you can also use digital signage in one other powerful way.

You can use digital displays to provide an exceptional customer experience that makes clients want to return.

Creative, high-quality digital signage content will help you stand out from competitors. It will differentiate your business, increase client satisfaction, and deliver a customer experience that clients can’t find anywhere else. This will make one-time or irregular clients remember your business, return often, and become more loyal to your location.

So, are you ready to stop struggling with growing your customer base and excited to learn how digital signage can help you expand your client list?

Discover how you can bring digital signage to your store, shop, or office by downloading our free guide: Everything You Need to Know When Deciding if Digital Signage is Right for Your Business.

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