improving internal communication
When an organization and its employees aren’t on the same page, problems can quickly arise.

From errors in performance and lower production levels to decreases in employee engagement and increases in on-the-job accidents, the results of poor communication can substantially impact an organization.

Finding solutions to internal communication problems needs to be a high priority for businesses both big and small. Organization must have simple systems and methods for efficiently communicating with members of their team.

And for that, there is digital signage.

Digital signs are an effective method for delivering messages, sharing critical information, and getting a team on the same page.

So, stop using dated and ineffective communication methods like bulletin boards, online communication portals, announcements, and memos to share information with your staff. Discover the benefits of using digital signage as an internal communications tool.

The Benefits of Using Digital Signage as an Internal Communications Tool

the human brain processes images 60,000 times faster than textDigital signage is a flexible, customizable, and fluid content management tool that benefits managers who need to share messages, employees who need to receive them, and organizations as a whole.

Strong communication supports all levels of an organization. Clear and consistent communication can increase productivity, performance, customer satisfaction, employee satisfaction, and operations.

Employees crave information about their organization. Members of a team don’t like to be left in the dark or the last to know. Failing to clearly communicate with employees can even lead to higher rates of turnover and decreased employee engagement.

Visuals help people quickly absorb information. Our brains process visuals 60,000 times faster than words. An audience is more likely to remember information when delivered through videos and graphics on digital signs.  

Employees are more likely to see information on a digital sign. Many organization rely on communication methods that are easy to ignore or miss. But digital signs placed in prominent locations, such as a backroom, break room or office, are more visible and likely to be seen by staff.

Updating information is simple and easy. With digital signage, it’s easy for managers to quickly update and control the content. They can easily make timely updates and add urgent or new information.

How to Use Digital Signage as an Internal Communications Tool

Every organization has a unique variety of information they need to share with their team. So, the way to use digital signage as an internal communication will vary based on business type and industry, but here are a few ideas to get you started.  

Display schedules. Make it easy for employees to check their schedules and see who is working with a digital schedule sign.

Share performance metrics and sales data. Motivate employees to do their best work by sharing stats and metrics that reward outstanding employees for their efforts.

Use videos as training tools. Instead of reading from a manual or giving guides to employees, use videos to share training information.

Share company memos. Ditch bulletin boards, emails, and paper memos that are easy to miss. Share updates on prominent digital signs in areas where employees spend time.

Provide refresher tutorials. Make it easy for employees to refresh their memory on how to perform certain tasks. Add interactive video screens that provide quick task tutorials that staff can access during their shifts if needed. This will help create consistency across the board.

Introduce big picture plans for the company. When your company makes big changes, your employees should be the first to know. Create content that explains the big vision of the company and also provide regular updates so employees can follow the growth and changes of the organization.

Educate staff on new programs, services, and products. Keep your employees and team in the loop by sharing information that relates to areas of the company they may not know about or be directly involved with.  

Connect a team in multiple locations. If your team is spread across multiple offices or properties, provide consistent communication by sharing the same information in all locations.

Create breakroom entertainment. Add a little fun to your signage by sprinkling in some entertainment between information on break room screens.

Give recognition and celebrate employees. Salute employees that are doing exceptional work by featuring them, and make staff feel special by sharing birthday wishes with the entire organization.

Include staff in the content creation. Don’t leave content creation up to managers and C-level executives alone. Allow your staff to contribute content and information they think the entire organization should know about.

Reinforce safety instructions. Signs and posters can only say so much about safety procedures and protocols. Keep your employees safe by sharing safety information through engaging and educational videos.

How to Create a Digital Signage Communication Plan for Your Organization

There are many ways your organization can use digital signage as an internal communications tool and increase employee engagement, train staff, and communicate more efficiently.

As you plan your strategy for improving communication in your organization, start by identifying:

  • What information your team most needs to know?
  • How often you need to share messages with your team?
  • Where does your team spend the most time?

Then, contact Spectrio to receive a free digital signage consultation. We’ll review your goals and needs and give you options for how you can turn your new communication plan into a reality.