“We’re focused on being the best partner to our customers. We’ve brought on professionals who are already experts in their respective industries and technology, along with leading technology solutions from each industry vertical. Now, we’re investing even more in our solutions to deliver what our customers tell us they need, while using our expertise to bring new ideas that can make a difference to their table.” – Brandon Mullins, SVP of Product

Our Vision

In recent years, Spectrio’s focus has been on becoming the destination for digital signage and interactive solutions. So far, we’ve made great strides, but we’re only getting started! Spectrio’s vision for the future is to make simplified and integrated software solutions that make life easier on the customer. 

“Spectrio is an agile company with the teams, content, and technology to deliver on what our customers need. The scale of our teams, the maturity of our process, and our robust technology foundation enables us to deliver high quality solutions, fast, across multiple use cases and industries.” Mullins explains. 

Spectrio is the solutions partner you can rely on. Our teams use industry best practices to deliver world-class solutions, predictably, to our customers so that you can rely on us every step of the way. We plan our work in software development sprints so that we can deliver working code every two weeks enabling more user feedback and higher quality, while remaining flexible and agile when we need to change direction.

High Performance Technology

Our technology is also built in such a way that it’s not custom to every customer. This means that you’re using the same underlying technology as all of our customers so our ability to deliver quality and high performance solutions is built-in. Your solution from Spectrio isn’t a one-off solution, you’re part of our core solution so you can trust it will work for you every day.

“The future of Spectrio is connected. Whether it’s displaying the best content for the moment automatically or digital signage media players that prevent themselves from failing, it’s all about using data to do the right thing.” – Brandon Mullins, SVP of Product

But how? 

Good question. After interviewing SVP of Product, Brandon Mullins, we’ve created a detailed overview of three key themes in Spectrio’s product roadmap worth noting. In each theme, we look further into the future of Spectrio’s product and its plans to stand out among the other digital signage software companies.

1. Enhanced Content Experience

“We engage with our customers at their place of business, at events, and through industry associations so that we can listen and be part of the voice that drives change through digital signage and interactive solutions.” – Jimmy Hunt, SVP of Channel Sales

At the end of the day, technology should make life easier, not harder. It should create new opportunities by enabling people to focus on the things that matter most. “Spectrio’s roadmap is very much a reflection of customer needs and aspirations, as well as staying at pace with technology advancements, ” said Mullins. For this reason, Spectrio is focused on adding new key features in our software that make creating the right content experience easy, including:

Conditional Formatting: Makes organizing the data the customer has integrated into their content simple and streamlined. There are a set of shapes, colors, and the ability to configure the formatting to help make it easier for your audience to see what’s important in your data. 

For example, let’s say you’re in the automotive industry and your sales team is working towards achieving targeted sales goals. Like most sales teams, your team has a leaderboard on your digital signs that displays the top salesperson of the day, whether your team is below quota or on track, and other KPIs that are important towards reaching your sales goals. 

In this scenario, nobody should have to click a button to change the screen manually. Instead, conditional formatting automatically updates based on what kind of cars you’re selling, who’s selling them, and what the quota is for that day. 

“An enhanced content experience is all about connecting an engaging content template to the data it needs to keep it updated in real-time based on what’s happening in your business. You build it once, set it, and let it do the work for you.” – Brandon Mullins, SVP of Product

Video Walkthrough of Conditional Formatting

 Power BI App: An app integrated with Microsoft’s PowerBI solution that makes it easy to show the powerful dashboards many of our clients have already created. 

For example, suppose you’re part of a large corporation, giving information to the executives. In that case, you can use dashboards you already have, plug them into our digital signage platform by providing a username and password, and choose the dashboard you want to show on our screens.  

There’s nothing more you have to worry about. We’re taking the heavy lifting out of doing complex integrations so we can show the content you wish to display in a secure way.

Expanding our Content Library: With a staggering library of templates and royalty free images to choose from, Spectrio’s product content library is diverse and vast, to say the least. But, we are working to include even more curated TV and audio content to help entertain guests while keeping content appropriate and on-brand.

Our content library makes it easy across all industry verticals to customize digital signage content.

Let’s say, for example, you’re a dental practice and you want to use Spectrio’s product to customize content on your lobby TV. All you need to do is pick one of our templates, add your logo, include some targeted messaging to show your patients, and our product does the rest!

You don’t have to go through the trouble of spending more time and money working with external agencies because Spectrio’s product does the heavy lifting for you.

Example Video of Spectrio Library Content

2. Integration

In an effort to reduce the amount of time needed to keep content up-to-date, Spectrio is focused on optimizing data integration to ensure content is always relevant. To accomplish this, we have a dedicated team focused on data integrations to stay on top of our customers’ needs.

Some of our latest integrations include:

TOAST Point of Sale: A point of sale system for restaurants that allows you to take orders, manage inventory, and make changes to pricing and menu items automatically. 

The integration to Spectrio means our digital menu boards can be up-to-date with pricing and product availability.

SMG-Experience Management: Provides customer engagement analytics and is a leader in experience management that helps brands act on customers and employee insights.

Compelling your teams to stay focused on the customer is as important to Spectrio as it is to many of our customers. This integration makes it easy to connect customer feedback with your teams in a highly impactful visual way.

Daktronics Scoreboard Timers: Scoreboard timers are often used in sports stadiums to track how much time is left in a football quarter, for example. Or, if you’ve ever seen a swim meet, Daktronics Scoreboard Timers are what keep track of the swimmer’s time down to the millisecond.  

Currently, Spectrio is building an integration that when something happens on the scoreboard timer, we can trigger certain content in the stadiums, whether someone makes a touchdown or goal. Imagine – three seconds down to the buzzer, the screens automatically change to show the crowd cheering and going crazy.  

Put simply: If your systems have data that will help engage your digital signage audience, we can integrate it. Spectrio also offers data integration using Google Sheets or our Data Connector that receives data from API. 

Spectrio provides a unique capability for customers with the ability to develop software applications with access to our developer portal and SDK. You can easily build your own applications and data integrations using our APIs to do exactly what you need. 

3. Simplification 

Installing and running digital signage should be easy and reliable. That’s why Spectrio makes sure that deploying our software is a streamlined, integrated, and efficient process, with our customers’ budgets in mind.  

We’re adding features to our solution to make it easier to manage devices when they have an issue – and even detect when an issue may occur to help customers get ahead of it. 

“I’m a strong believer in the idea that “it should just work”. While we have good solutions for alerting when a player is struggling to keep your screen showing content, and we have reliable player technology, we can do better. That’s why Spectrio is focused on creating the most secure, reliable, and intelligent digital signage and interactive player on the market — black screens should be a thing of the past.” Mullins explains.

Lastly, for customers looking for reliable digital signage on a budget, Spectrio offers an economical player that offers a great content experience for the price.

The Future of Spectrio’s Product

Looking forward, Spectrio aims to transform how people interact with the world around them and the people in it. Just like our customers, we don’t like to sit still – we’re here to make a difference and have fun while doing so. 

Spectrio is doubling down on what we do best and what our customers need most – a robust solution for content creation connected to capabilities that make it simple to  keep content fresh and engaging. 

Making sure the content is connected to the world around us is paramount. To connect with the physical world, we’re using technology to intelligently alter content to be more engaging – if it’s raining, our system can change the visual and audio experience to brighten up the day. 

We’re also partnering up with our technology savvy customers and technology providers to use sensors and other hardware to connect a physical interaction with the digital experience.

Want to Stay Up-To-Date with Spectrio’s Product? 

While many of Spectrio’s product updates are in the works, there are more where that came from. We’re just getting started!

The Product Team invests in being present by participating in industry trade shows, conferences, and customer events. In fact, our SVP of Channel Sales, Jimmy Hunt recently joined DSE  as an Advisory Board member as a result of his experience and thought-leadership in the industry.

If you’re interested in learning more about how Spectrio’s products and solutions can best serve your business, Spectrio is here to help! Book a demo today to learn more. 


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