Large video screen hanging in a stadium with an image of a trophy with confetti and the inscription of Spectrio on the base

When it comes to large venues such as stadiums and arenas, people first and foremost want to be entertained. After all, as technology advances, most people have a front-row seat to the playoffs straight from the comfort of their living room. So, why should they attend a large venue instead? 

Good question. That’s where eye-catching, innovative, and dynamic digital signage comes into play. 

Spectrio is constantly aiming to be on the cutting edge of the latest integrations and technological advancements to maximize the customer experience. That’s why, to gain first-hand knowledge and expertise on how Spectrio is optimizing the customer experience through digital signage at large venues, we sought the opinion of none other than Spectrio’s Large Venues Product Manager, Kevin Goldsmith

After interviewing Goldsmith, we’ve compiled a list of four ways Spectrio is staying up-to-date on the latest integrations as well as a glimpse into what to expect in the future. 

Smart Integrations 

Whether you’re using digital signage for stadiums, arenas, convention centers, or universities, it’s important to always listen to the needs of prospective and existing customers.

When you listen to your customers, it’s easier to determine pain points and implement feature changes to increase functionality accordingly. “This also extends out to understanding what the competition is up to and keeping tabs on new technology and hardware on the market,” Goldsmith explains. 

With this in mind, Spectrio has implemented a few key integrations to ensure our software is innovative and competitive. Here are a few of the features Spectrio has utilized as of late: 

1. System on a Chip (SoC) Displays

“One of the most compelling results we’ve noticed from a support point of view is the moment we started deploying System On A Chip (SoC), or displays that involve no connected external media player, our support issues dropped by about 90%.” – Kevin Goldsmith, Large Venues Product Manager

SoC based screens are one of Spectrio’s most beneficial technological advances. For those who don’t know, SoC means the ability to run digital signage content on the screen natively with no other connected devices. 

In other words, you’re eliminating the use of an external media player. There’s nothing other than a network cable plugged into it. With an SoC based solution, all you need is the screen, network, and power. 

Why is this so groundbreaking from a strategy standpoint? 

Because customers want technology that is simple, cost effective, works consistently, and accelerates ROI; SoC is the perfect solution to meet those needs. At the end of the day, the less you spend on your equipment, the quicker you can reach your target ROI.

2. Ad-Screens on IPTVs

In addition to utilizing digital menu boards in large venues, Spectrio has started deploying IPTV which allows advertising, sponsorship and marketing content to be ‘L-Bar’ wrapped around live event feeds and live TV feeds installed on screens around the concourse, bars and in suites.

IPTV networks also enable large venues to instantly trigger content based on what is happening in the event. For example, say you are at a baseball game, and a team scores a home run. Following the home run, we release sponsorship takeover content such as “Home Run! Sponsored By Coors Light”. In addition, content could be triggered to coincide with the game clock, to trigger different advertising campaigns, exit content, and even rally the crowd to get behind the home team.

Recently, Spectrio deployed a project using ad-screen IPTVs for the San Diego Padres. Spectrio deployed interactive players so fans could see which Padre players served in the military since World War I. 

3. Automated Dashboard View 

When you consider the effort required for large venues to switch menu content using traditional print or magnetic boards, you quickly realize how much of a time-consuming and costly process it can become. 

One problem digital signage addresses is the ability to change content in a split second to accommodate the fast-paced nature of many large venue facilities such as baseball games, concert halls, universities, or airports.

Put simply, the ability to change menu design and content is a huge labor saving exercise, and something Spectrio has utilized in recent years. 

In an effort to make software management an easy and seamless process for our users, we’ve incorporated an automated dashboard view

“The automated dashboard view makes it to where we can fire off email alerts on screens that are offline, black, frozen or too hot and the dashboard view enables users to see that any content changes have been updated. All of this can be managed from their mobile device.” -Kevin Goldsmith, Large Venues Product Manager

One loop around any typical large arena can easily cover a quarter of a mile. It takes time to see all the displays in such a large area. The automated dashboard view makes it easy for users to understand what’s going on in their network without wasting precious time walking around every level and concession to ensure their content is up to date.

4. Direct View and Transparent In-Window LED

In the future, Spectrio intends to start deploying direct view LED displays, or displays that eliminate the LCD panel, instead using a surface array of LEDs as the actual pixels. This allows for enhanced contrast, vibrant colors, and brightness levels multiple times that of LCDs. 

The St. Louis Blues do a great job of utilizing LED displays to help users navigate their surroundings and stay updated in prime time.  

St. Louis Blues Stock Ticker LED Display 

Additionally, Spectrio intends to deploy transparent in-window LED displays. These displays have a glass-like surface, which provides high-definition results for viewers.

In-window LED displays are becoming increasingly popular among large venues and outdoor advertising as they provide a better display and increase fan engagement. Many venues use these screens as transparent video walls, where you can take any large window or glass pane and turn it into a screen that you can see through the other side.  

Interested in Learning More About Spectrio’s Software Solutions?

Keeping customers’ convenience in mind when deploying digital signage in large venues is paramount. With so much going on at once, digital signage can help large venues make the experience as enjoyable and seamless as possible for their customers. 

To learn more about the benefits of digital signage and how Spectrio’s solutions can best benefit your current business goals and make your customers’ lives easier, book a demo with us today!