Automotive video wall showing a blue hatchback car on a beach with a promotional discount overhead.

When you design your auto shop office and waiting room, you have a choice to use traditional signage such as cardboard posters or to use oversized digital displays that captivate customers.

Automotive video walls help dealerships keep customers entertained in the lobby while helping the sales team increase revenue and customer loyalty. More small businesses and chain dealerships are opting for digital walls instead of previous marketing and display methods.

Here’s why you should consider automotive digital video walls for your business instead of static display boards.

What Is An Automotive Video Wall?

Digital video walls are comprised of multiple TVs placed together to form one screen. Auto shop owners can decide the number of TVs they want to form the video wall, the size of the devices, and the shape that they form. For your waiting room, you might choose nine smaller TVs to form a 3×3 square. While placing six TVs in two columns of three vertically might work better in your lobby.

While the initial investment in the TVs might be costlier than static boards at first, auto dealership owners can make up the costs in the long run. Digital signs have been shown to increase sales with better promotions and decreased printing costs.

Digital signage video walls also give auto shops additional flexibility with their content. All of the TVs can work together to form one large image, or they can each broadcast difference messages and show different content types. Some auto shop owners mix and match. They play video content on a few screens and then have static images or slideshows on others.

The flexibility and control of the content is one of the top reasons businesses choose digital video walls for their interior design. For auto shops in particular, there are certain ways to use this tool to make your sales efforts more effective.    

Give Customers a Closer Look at Your Cars

A surprising number of people don’t understand what needs to be done to their car for basic maintenance or how to do it. In this case, auto dealers can become sources of information and education to help keep cars running.

For example, a survey of 2,000 car owners found more people than ever are at a complete loss when it comes to basic repair and maintenance practices. Only 42% of drivers say they are confident in their ability to change a flat tire, while only 36% of people are confident in the ability to change their oil.

A lack of car knowledge might also be a generational issue. More than 60% of Baby Boomers said they could add coolant to the radiator of an overheated car, but only 31% of Millennials thought they could do the same. More people are turning to mechanics and auto shops for basic repairs and anything car related.

With automotive video walls, you can help customers better understand their cars.

You can show video content explaining how vehicles work and share advice for what maintenance work needs to be done. This is also an opportunity to upsell to customers who might know they need to get their oil changed, but didn’t realize the filters, belts, and spark plugs need to be replaced at certain mileage levels as well.

Describe Your Services in Greater Detail

Along with answering the question of what needs to be done to maintain a car, automotive video walls can answer other questions, like when, why, and how maintenance needs to be done.

Instead of customers blindly choosing packages based on their budgets or perceived value, dealerships can create value by explaining what each package entails and why it’s worth the upgrade.

To address these questions and concerns, auto shops might create automotive digital signage content explaining each package and how it benefits the customer’s car. They could also create graphics highlighting the perks of each package and why it’s worth paying more for it.  This is especially valuable if customers save more when they choose comprehensive packages instead of a la carte services.

Customers entering the business who don’t want to pay much for their services might be convinced to upgrade, increasing the average ticket within the shop.

Some dealerships also use digital video walls to promote their customer service loyalty programs. They explain exactly how much customers save when they invest in a regular maintenance package and provide information on signing up. This increases overall revenue to the business while building customer loyalty.

Entertain Customers With Videos and Trivia

Automotive video walls can also create a better customer experience through entertainment. If customers can watch entertaining video clips, answer trivia questions, or learn fun facts through your boards, they’re less likely to grow bored and frustrated waiting for their vehicles.

Entertainment reduces perceived wait time, making your customers feel like your services are faster than they are.

Digital video walls can be programmed with private label TV for the auto industry and other types of customizable video content, so your customers only see clips that are relevant to your brand and industry. This gives you more control than if you simply invested in one TV and showed a variety of cable channels.

Once again, flexibility plays a key role in the digital video wall process. You only have to have entertaining content on a few screens for it to be effective.

The rest of the screens can have service information, informative facts about cars, and pricing plan options to help customers decide which plans to choose. Plus, you can change the screens as often as you need, helping you create the perfect balance between information and entertainment.

Automotive Video Walls Are Changing the Sales Process

When used strategically, digital video walls can improve the customer experience in the auto industry  while increasing revenue and customer loyalty. This makes both parties happy, as auto shops make more money, and customers feel like they’re getting more value from the exchange.

If you’re considering upgrading your waiting room experience, talk to Spectrio today about installing a digital video wall in your auto shop. You might discover more opportunities than you realize to grow your business and help your shop thrive.