Talking at auto dealership with a digital sign behind

When used well, digital signage is an important advertising tool for your company. It educates customers on their options, highlights key features, and guides the buying process.

That’s not all digital signage can do. This technology can also change how people interact with your brand and how much they spend while in your store.

Check out these six ways your business can upsell with digital signage and get customers to increase the size of their purchases during each visit.

Highlight Product Features or Benefits

Your menu boards aren’t just tools to list the products and services that you offer; they’re also part of your sales team.

One way you can upsell with digital signage is by highlighting product features and benefits as you promote them.

For example, a smoothie shop might showcase the ingredients in a new breakfast smoothie, explain how different fruits or elements have antioxidants and protein, and show how that particular shop makes smoothies better than others. All of these features are selling the product to customers, but they’re also educating them on the benefits of the product.

Your employees likely don’t have the time to explain the benefits of every option to customers. Your digital signage takes the burden off of them and moves customers through the decision-making process.

If you want to upsell customers on a few particular items, consider highlighting them on your digital screens. Check to see if there’s an uptick in sales from the added exposure.

Guide the Customer’s Eye to More Expensive Options

You have an impressive amount of power with your digital signage content. You dictate what your services look like and which items you promote. If you want to upsell with digital signage, highlight your more expensive items. Draw the customer’s eye to the best products and feature higher-ticket services.

If you’re worried that customers won’t want to pay for the more expensive option, place a less expensive option next to it, but make sure it’s not the cheapest one you have.

Customers who don’t want to pay $50 for a service could feel more comfortable choosing a $40 service instead. Either way, it’s better for your business than if all of your customers buy the $25 option.

If there are certain menu items that aren’t selling, look at how they are promoted. By moving them to a new location, you could see a sales increase as customers discover this new, previously hidden, option.

Advertise Seasonal Items and Limited-Time Offers

One of the easiest ways to increase revenue using digital signage is to promote your seasonal options or special offers. Whenever you visit a fast-casual restaurant like Panera or Starbucks, their seasonal items are front and center. Not only do they need to sell those items before the season is over, but they also know customers are willing to pay more for them.

If your business isn’t seasonal or doesn’t offer temporary items, consider making your own limited-time options.

These could be limited-time packages or seasonal discounts. You can tailor the offers to whatever suits your brand, as long as it creates short-term demand. When done well, your customers will return every few months to see what the new seasonal option is and convert quickly to take advantage of it.

Introduce New Products

Digital signage is also a crucial tool to educate customers on new products. Chipotle is a great example of this. Just last year, they started offering queso. While they launched a significant advertising campaign around it, they also changed their signage to reflect the new product.

Even if customers missed the queso pot while standing in line, they could see it featured on the main signage. For every customer that adds queso to their meal, Chipotle adds $1-5 to the average ticket.

You don’t have to introduce limited-time products to upsell customers with digital signage.

If you have a new product or simply change how you offer an old product, you can convince customers to buy with a strategic design.

Create Thresholds for Additional Benefits

Online retailers set free shipping thresholds to get customers to buy, but also to increase the average ticket. If you have $45 worth of items in your cart, and the free shipping threshold is $50, then you’re more likely to add something else to reach that goal instead of paying the $5-8 in shipping cost. You likely pay the same amount (if not more), but the perceived value is higher because you’re getting an additional item.

Consider adding incentives or thresholds on your digital menu signage to push customers to different spending levels.

Department stores do this by giving away tote bags or jewelry sets when customers spend. You can offer a free drink, additional service, or complimentary item if customers spend more. This will help you move additional items along with you popular products or services.

Promote Packages to Help Customers Save

Along with creating thresholds to move customers to spend more, create packages and deals that give the impression of savings. Quick service restaurants do this with their combo meals.

Instead of buying items a-la-carte, customers opt for packages because they think they’re saving. In reality, they’re spending just as much (if not more) than if they hand-picked one or two items.

Use your digital signage to promote packages and highlight their value. If customers save 10% with a combo package, let them know. They could be persuaded to spend $50 because they think they’re saving $5-10 instead of spending $40 without any savings.

Your customers want to feel like they’re getting a deal and saving money. Even if they are spending more, they think they are spending less.

Learn How Your Brand Can Upsell With Digital Signage

When you increase your average ticket, you can increase your entire revenue line and exceed your sales goals. That’s worth considering if you want your business to succeed.

If you wish you could sell more of your higher-ticket items and wish customers spent more each time they visited your business, contact Spectrio today. We can listen to your concerns and brainstorm unique ways to upsell with digital signage.